Getting Fit and Healthy*

The other day I was sat looking through my archive to notice I've literally done no posts in regards to health or keeping fit. Can you tell I like to stick in my comfort zone of blogging, fashion and watching movies. I hardly focused on my health and fitness, I guess I kind of just took it for granted. However with this being a new year, I wanted to discuss what I am doing to keep healthy, fit and full of energy.

I have never really been that type of girl who enjoyed sports. The thought of PE in school was always a chore, I was the one who would spend her time down in the art department or in the drama studio practising for the school musical.

This year I made it one of my goals and aims to try (emphasis on try) get more exercise because I can't exactly class power walking up to the bus stop four times a week exercise plus with two potential summer holidays this year I want to be able to feel comfortable and confident with my body! Once I get back to uni in a week or so I'll be starting at the gym a few times a week and hopefully I'll begin to see a change with my confidence.

As for healthy eating I have already began to make food out of the 'Hungary Healthy Student Cook Book' I bought from Amazon for only £5.99. If I can master this cooking malarkey I may do the occasional food post because who doesn't love discovering new recipes that are super easy.

Finally, over the past month I have been working with a nutrition brand called Vitsnap* who are launching next week. I was offered the opportunity to select a few of products to try out. I decided to start my new beginnings with their Detox SnapPack...and so far its been amazing, I certainly feel better for it.

The vitamins come to you in handy sealed pods for each day, and deliveries are made every two weeks. If you sign up now at and enter the code HANNAH50, you can get a subscription with 50% off before the service launches on the 12th January!!

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