Wednesday, 14 November 2018

My Skincare Routine | The Top Picks

Long time no see I guess, I will be back posting when I can about all things fashion, lifestyle and university!

My skincare journey…

I often speak about my skincare routine and share the process I have been through to get where I am where I feel comfortable to go out bare faced and feel happy with my skin. I used to regularly switch and swap my routine up, however, over the past 6 months I have found the products that I absolutely love and have really helped clear any new spots or fade away acne scars. 

First thing I've learnt that is removing your makeup before is ESSENTIAL!! My secret is out now, but after most nights out in first year of uni I'd always be toooo lazy to grab a facial wipe and take my makeup leaving my skin full of blemishes and breakouts... looking back now it was gross AF! If there is one thing I'd tell my younger sell is take your bloody makeup.

Now though there is nothing better feeling than wiping of your mascara and brows that has been smudged during the day and that excess foundation stuck in your pores... I have been using the Simple Micellar Cleansing Water on cotton pads to gently get all that makeup off before moving on to my fave part...


YASSS... my absolute favourite part is the DEEP CLEANSE!!

I am obsessed with the Tropics Skincare range to get any other little gritty itty bits out of every single little crevis and crack on my face! First up I use the Smoothing Cleanser - Complexion Purifier. It's great to use with their bamboo face cloth as it leaves you feeling uber fresh and ready for a good nights sleep!

My scarring from acne can often get me down when I'm having a red, patchy and blotchy day. I was digging out photos and when I was about 16 my skin was soooo much worse than I ever thought it was. If you want to see the transformation head to my Instagram (@hannahmae_g).

But there has been one product that has been my absolute lifesaver over the past six months... it is again from the Tropics Skincare range, and it is the Tamanu Balm!! OHHH ma GODDD it has been the best for fading away scarring, drying up new spots that are under the skin and impossible to get rid of! It looks and smells gross but it does absolute wonders and when I wake up feeling all silky and glow-y.

With changes in weather recently I have needed to keep my skin extra moisturised as I have found the cold harsh winds can be very tough on dry patches from fading acne, so keeping moisturised is a must for my skin. I have always been loving the Simple Replenishing Moisturiser as its kind to skin, super easy to apply and I always carry a small tube of the cream in my bag for when I'm having a long day out of the house!

{links to all products are at the end of the post for anyone who wants to try any of these out}


Friday, 19 October 2018

Chatting To Maisie Peters

At the age of only eighteen Maisie Peters has been storming the music industry at such a young age. Only just today she released her new single Details which will be followed by her EP, Dressed To Nice For A Jacket which will be available to listen from the 2nd November. 

She is now on supporting Tom Walker on his UK and European tour and here's what went down when she came in to the studios... it was so much fun to just talk Nandos and boys and a little bit of music in between!!


Are you enjoying being on tour with Tom Walker?

I am having the best time. So, so good. And he's the nicest guy ever. He's so lovely.

It was only last week released a new single In My Head and what is the backstory of that song? And I want to know all about what inspired you to write it.

Okay. So I'll try and do this quickly. It’s kind of weird because I started it the day after I wrote Worst Of You. I wrote the first verse and then I couldn’t think of anything else for it. So I just left it and then like six months later I wrote the second verse when I was babysitting somebody just on my laptop, and then like last month we wrote the chorus. So like totally different points in my life. I mean obviously it has like inspiration, like in my romantic life or whatever, but I feel like more importantly and especially like recently I was kind of feel like this is a meaning that's come to me recently is like the whole song is really about like putting on a front and trying to see like better than you are. I feel like that's so relatable with me and my friends.

It's not long until your EP is released on November 2nd. Can you tell us a little bit more about it?

So I'm like super excited for it to come out. It's got six songs and they've all been written by me and my friends over the past year I would say. So some of them, where finished like last month and some of them I wrote like over a year ago, but I think they all kind of reflect the year that has just happened. So I'm excited to show people these were producers and writers, I've written them because they're amazing. But yeah, it just feels like it was a really easy choice for me to pick all the songs have going on it and they feel like a really good, fresh kind of new page for me and my music.

And you've recently performed at a few festivals this year, so Neighbourhood in Manchester last week and you performed at Live At Leeds. What were the highlights of being at those festivals?

Oh, they're all so different. That's what is amazing. So at Live At Leeds was at church, like proper massive church and then Neighbourhood last week was in this like grungy venue, which I was totally not set up for. Like it was cool bands and then there was just me with my girl pop, but they were all so sick I because they were all with such different people and this is like my first time in a lot of these cities. So it's amazing to like have your first time doing playing my music in a new city. I mean, I love Manchester. I've been twice. It's just so cool to be able to go to different places because of music.

You're obviously a one to watch because you've been on BBC Introducing and Radio X. What are your plans for the future, whether that's the near future or far away?

I mean we're going to have to go for world domination for far away. But for the near future I just want to keep touring I'd love to go to America and to Asia. Also, like keep coming student radio like I actually love student press. It's my new favourite thing because I feel like I’m a student so it is like me and all my friends just having a chat. Um, keep trying to meet people that listen to my music and just getting to know. Plus, releasing more music because I've written loads of songs this summer that aren’t on the EP but I really want to release them so I might do like a sneaky EP like quite early next year as well. 

If you want to know what else Maisie has been upto with her life, music and what is coming soon... Be sure you give their interview a listen on MixCloud!!

But, finally, a MASSIVE thank you to Maisie and her team for coming in to the studio, hanging out with us and doing a live session too. Good luck with the future you will do amazing!


Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Finding The Perfect Way to Wind Down

Boohoo, how can we possibly be discussing the end of summer? I am going to miss the light warm nights where you could spontaneously plan days in the park or beer garden beverages, but on the other hand, I am excited about fall and oh boy am I ready to rock chunky knit jumpers, beanies and scarfs.

Now the nights are drawing in and the social buzz of summer is slowly tailing off, I’m finding a little time to take look back on everything that’s gone on and set aside a little more me-time. Looking back, this summer was a bit of a hectic one for me, with my family holiday to Fuerteventura, festivals such as Parklife, a mad weekend away in Dublin and sososo much more.

Coming back to uni I have realised just HOW important wind-down time is too as well as a good nights sleep. Recently stepping into the third year at uni has been crazy in terms of Shock Radio (ps. keep a look out for it all on my social media). I used to spend hours on my laptop and then expect to fall asleep straight away and wonder why I couldn’t… And why I ever thought my mind was going to be CHILL after watching back to back episodes of Gossip Girl, I'll never know!?

SOOo today I wanted to share my ways in which I do that, so here goes….

Switching it all off:

It sounds so much easier than it is and even I can still struggle with it but we all know how tempting it is to keep scrolling through social media or watching just one more episode on Netflix can be, but trust me, if you just put the screens away like an hour before bedtime you will feel SO much calmer.

Set the scene:

As soon as I get in from uni or pretty much anywhere I change and put my comfy clothes on, and I instantly begin to feel more relaxed and so I like to make my environment just as comfortable. I tidy up wherever it is that I want to wind down, whether that is my bedroom or the living room etc. Once it is tidy I love to put on all my fairy lights and the odd candle. Sometimes I'll even get a few pamper products because who doesn't love a face mask night to feel refreshed!

Get your pen out:

I have loved doing this over summer and I am carrying it but if I have had a really super busy day or there is something really playing on my mind, I tend to just write it down….there’s nothing worse than trying to sleep when your mind is running at a million miles per hour thinking about something you’re feeling stressed about. Go on and let it all out!!

Bubble baths = all problems solved:

Seriously though, what situation can’t a bubble bath fix? I never used to love baths as much as I do now, but, I am SUCH a bath lurverrr. It just solves everything and anything; whether it’s stress, achy muscles or just wanting to switch off after a long day, a bubble filled bath tend to does the trick.

What’s your go-to when you wanna feel calm and want to wind down???

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