Thursday, 31 May 2018

A Bloody Disgrace - Period Poverty

So I am back, it may have been a quiet two months on here but I have so many ideas and posts in the pipeline which I can't wait to share with you all very very soon, however, I have something to share with you all...

One in four girls admit they did not feel they knew what to do when they started their period. 

Over the past few weeks, I have been fortunate enough to create a short documentary addressing period poverty within the UK. I got to speak to a wide range of activists and charities who support the right to free sanitary products for girls and women who can't afford them.

Across the UK, 10 percent of girls are unable to afford sanitary products and 48 percent of girls are embarrassed by their period.

There is often myths and taboos still attached with periods. Gabby Edlin from Bloody Good Period talks about breaking barriers with the stigma and the shame attached to periods as well as discussing the education girls and women and not receiving. 

Bloody Good Period is an organization that was set up to provide sanitary towels and general period supplies for asylum seekers refugees and those who can't afford them. They are based throughout London and have one centre in Leeds but then we also facilitate voluntary collections all over the world so people get together at a university or school can do a collection and then we put them in touch with the nearest centre.

Do you often feel like girls and women are not receiving the correct education when it comes to menstruation and taking care of their bodies when they're on their periods?

"Yeah absolutely. I mean it is obscene. People maybe have a quick talk about periods when they're in school but it is mainly girls, boys don't really seem to have it all and then we just go through life with it just being this big mystery. It's ridiculous as it is such a huge part of life and it doesn't need to be this huge thing, it should just be a thing that's as common as an everyday headache. I think if we just educated everybody about them so people knew what to expect."

Periods have always been known as a taboo topic to talk about but such stories need to be shared and it needs to be discussed more frequently. How do you go about talking about it so openly?

"I just feel like we don't have time to talk about taboo and stigma and all the things that are holding us back. It's just it's exhausting, you know it's is 2018 and I think the only way that you can talk about it, is you just do it. There is no point wondering why it is this way. I mean that is also important but it's too late now, the issues with period poverty are so extreme now that there's just no time to be discussing the stigma attached to it you've just got to discuss the periods."

To hear more from the people I spoke to listen below:

Freedom 4 Girls - an organisation that usually works with African schoolgirls. I got to speak to the founder of the organisation, Tina Leslie, here is what she had to say...

"One day a colleague called me and said do you realise that I am working in a school and I have five girls here in Leeds who aren't attending school because they can't afford sanitary towels. I was so shocked and I hadn't realised how serious this issue was in my own city - one of the girls had her period for two years and didn't even know it was her period, she thought it was just happening to her."

It is evident that there is a direct correlation between girls skipping school and their monthly cycles, due to the truancy committed by the young women because of lack of resources to purchase the sanitary products they need. The pricing of pads and tampons has come under fire in the UK in recent years as items are still taxed due to not being deemed a necessity. 

I know, sanitary products are a necessity, NOT a luxury!

This is such a huge urgent issue which demands the attention for direct action to help those who are suffering from period poverty. There are so many things you can do to help the girls, women and asylum seekers who cannot afford sanitary products... first of all follow #FreePeriods and just talk about it with friends and family. 

It is often easier said than go but stop thinking that the idea of periods something to be ashamed and embarrassed about and bring it up into conversations in your daily life. Below I have linked a bunch of charities, organisations and projects which you can donate products to or even set up your own local organisation to help communities work together to beat period poverty. After all, menstrual care should be a basic human right and the natural experience of having a monthly period should never come at the expense of an education and missing out because you can't afford it.



Sunday, 25 March 2018

Stepping Into Spring

The clocks have gone forward, mornings are getting brighter, evenings are getting longer and now the snow has moved I feel spring is soon on its way... the sun is trying to shine through the clouds and those spring in-betweeny outfits are making an appearance. It is the clothes that have been hidden away in the back of the wardrobe -- from floaty dresses, biker jackets and of course the return of the sunnies!

So let’s chat all about this outfit… Firstly, we gotta talk about > this < dress, I have been a massive dress lover but since I got this floaty dress in the January winter sales I LOVE IT! It'll be that one peice of clothing I wear non-stop come summer. I havent really got round to wearing it up until now as it has been so cold but I team it up with a high neck top from Zara > here < it instantly became a whole new look!

I am really not a fan of getting my legs out but this dress was the perfect combo as it's floor length but a slit up the side for the floaty summery look. I love the length, the floaty-ness, and the fit, it’s basically my new favourite piece of clothing and of course, I just had to share… YES, it is fabulous, not only are they comfy but also can be dressed up super easily too…

> These < boots are my new faves!! They are a classic River Island find and the belt, ooooh the belt!! I have always struggled at finding nice simplistic items in River Island without them adding unnescessary bling to everything. But these are my new gems which get worn with every outfit as it dresses it up.

I love a good belt and this one goes with everything and everything. But as you can tell accessories are my new go-to for transforming a basic outfit to something with a little more style hence the reason I am always wearing low hanging hoop earrings, rings, my belt... etc I think you get the picture.

So basically, this post has just been me swooning over my recent purchases but I hope you’ve enjoyed the lil’ read! But for now, I’m gonna go back to digging out spring clothes and go online shopping for more since pay-day is only next week!!

Are you spring ready? What’s your go-to in-betweeny outfit?

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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

The Low-Down with O.D.L

Straight out of Ohio, Drew and Levi (aka O.D.L) took to the UK on their first tour this past weekend. Moving on from The Tide, they have begun a new adventure as a brand new duo... O.D.L. I was fortunate to grab an interview with the boys before they took to the stage for the second night of their tour in Manchester.

Why did you decide to call your band O.D.L?

We deicded to call ourselves O.D.L because we spent months thinking about it as we wanted to do something with initials but didn't know what. But we were in the kitchen one day and my dad was like, "you guys are so dysfunctional because you guys can't think of a name". Then we were like that is it, it's pretty cool and it works so lets use that. 

It's funny because everyone thinks that D and L stand for Drew and Levi but no it just so happens to work out like that. 

Who are your inspirations and influences?

Levi: Mine is definitley Ed Sheeran because he is the reason why I started music in the first place as it is the reason why I picked up a guitar and taught myself the whole of his first album.

Drew: All Time Low, pop punk at heart! I would literally spend hours in my room jsut jamming away to all their albums with my guitar. 

Levi: I'd say influences for O.D.L's music is the likes of the Chainsmokers and that type of vibe and that genre. 

How do you guys deal with fan girls outside the venues and hotels?

We are used to it now, it has been around three years but it was definitely crazy at first because we were just normal kids thrown out in to the world of playing with The Vamps around the world and in arenas. It was just crazy but eventually we got used to it and its just like they love us and that is all it is. They love our music and they love us. We think it's great as it is just them supporting us, it is awsome.  

You guys do vlogs of your daily life, how was YouTube helped boost your career? 

Yes that is what we were trying to do, we started with the vlogs and like there is a lot of vlogging andand it is very big now and we were thinking like no one really actually like does like real music and vlogs or puts there whole life online. Of course, there are vloggers who put out like funny songs which aren't serious but we are musicians and we thought if we mix the two together by putting great music but also do the social media too - we are just hoping that would work.

Finally, can you sum up O.D.L in three words?

Oooh that is a difficult one... oh god... 'Our Dysfunctional Life' hahah!! But in all seriousness, musically we are EDM, we are definitlely energetic and we are quirky kids. I think we will go for EDM, engertic and dysfunctional!

Cheers for that boys!!

If you want to know what else Drew and Levi have been doing with their life, music and what has happened to The Tide make sure you give their interview a listen on MixCloud... 

But, finally, a MASSIVE thank you to Drew and Levi and their team. Good luck with the future boys!!

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