What's Currently In My Makeup Bag

ALOHAAAA! It feels like ages ago since I talked about my favourite go-to beauty products. So I decided what better way than to share my top items that I am lovingggg as my everyday face kinda picks. Some I've been using a little while and a fan of, others are recent purchases so I'm still getting the hang of them. Let's get straight into what;s currently in my makeup bag right now.

Have you used any of these?

Benefit Roller Lash (19.50): I love finding new mascaras at the moment, and this is been a favourite for a little while now. The comb style wand is perf!! It even helps you get right into those tiny corner lashes and splits lash so easily without it clumping together. If you’re wanting to try something new I would definitely recommend giving this one a go!

Sleek Makeup All Night Long (8.99): I have probably mentioned  that I love eyeshadows especially wearing goldy/coppers.…. well, here they are. I was bought this palette as a gift at Christmas, and I just find this the perfect pallet as it's super pigmented and the past month I've been using this everyday and its just absolute lushness.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (5.50): I am obsessed with all of the NYX lip cream creams. As much as I love the deep tones and dark,  a lot of the time I want a natural lip colour and the “I’m wearing nothing and still have healthy luscious lips” kinda look. I find this colour is perfect for the natural touch and for a simple everyday makeup look too.


Urban Decay Naked Concealer (17.50): I had been struggling to find the right concealer that has good coverage, and this concealer has been the best investment by far. It has good coverage, hides dark circles and blemishes. Ticks all the boxes for me.

TopShop Contour Wand (12.00): Before investing in the ABH contour kit I wanted to experiment with a contour stick to see if it would work and even though there is loads of drugstore contour wands, I had heard many reviews about TopShop and it really is as perfect as people make out!! It blends really well and is super easy to use as I'm no good at that fancy makeup contour thing.


Urban Decay Afterglow Powder Highlighter (19.00): I love nothing more than highlight that is glowing and is long lasting. This Urban Decay powder highlighter is just my utter fave! I have no words to describe how much I love it. I would definitley recommend it to any one who is wanting a highlight that is shimmery and faultless finish!!


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