Making Aims & Goals For The Year Ahead

Well, HELLO 2017!! HOW has another year passed ALREADY.

In today’s post I wanna talk about goals. Do you make them? Do you have some? What are they? How do you keep them? Help me keep mine…So soo many questions!

I feel it's good to have goals and aims set for the year ahead. There is the sense of accomplishment when you look at your original list made back in January at the end of the year and makes you more determined to set more challenging goals for the next year. And I’m gonna SET SOME. Some proppa ones this year...

These are ones I’ve written down for myself…

-Be kind, always kind, and then even kinder, you never, ever know what people are going through.

-Do more exercise, we all know it makes you feel better, mentally and physically, so to just push myself to do more of the stuff. Like I know I set this one each year and nothing ever really comes of it but maybe this year will be the year.

-Travel as much as I can. New cities in the UK and abroad. Just imagine how fun it would be and you can always create amazing memories on holiday with people you love. Plus blog about it for you guys.

-Take risks, okay, it might not feel comfortable, but stop worrying about everything. All. The. Time.

-Learn to actually use my camera. I mean, like, properly. Plus I would like to push myself a bit more and try some new things on here and experiment with my writing style, photography etc.

Those are my aims and goals for the next year, sorry if this post got a bit ramble in places but it's always good to share thoughts and ideas! Please let me know in the comments what your New Year’s Resolutions are…

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