Four Things That Make Me Happy

Sometimes all we need to do is relax, unwind and appreciate what you have. I try and look for something positive each day, even if some days it seems impossible. In my mind being positive in a negative situation is the key to success. We need to appreciate and hold on to the little things in life that really make us smile. It often is the smallest things that are always mean the most.

Sometimes we need a little reminder of the small things making you happy, here are the 4 things that make me happy at the moment;

A Style Refresh:

Recently I have been trying the move from Winter clothes to Summer clothes, however with the current weather situation and all the snow it has been kind of impossible. But for now, I have been trying to add more colour to my wardrobe and break away from the neutral, black and white colour palette I always wear. Recently, I have been loving red and embroidered clothing and hands down swapping up my clothing has made me feel so much more confident with who I am.

Exploring New Places:

Baring in mind it is only March, my aim is to try visit or explore somewhere new each month. So far I have been to London with my boyfriend and Liverpool with the girls. I have Fuerteventura in the pipeline and potentially Dublin and another unplanned trip as of yet. So with all that coming up, I am super duper excited to explore more, photograph and share!! Keep your eyes peeled for my travel posts...

Friends and Family:

I don't really need to explain why my friends and family make me extremely happy but they do and they definitely do not get enough recognition. SO... guys if you are reading this then I LOVE YOU ALL!!

The Opportunities:

Since the start of the new year, I have my tried my damnnnn best and working hard has definitely paid off. It may only be small steps forward in my career but the opportunities I have been given make me feel very very lucky and blessed that radio professionals want to work with me and help me improve. Here is to continuing on moving forward in what I want to do in the near future.

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