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I’m not gonna lie, I am pretty terrible when it comes to sticking to my skincare routine and over the past couple of months it has been almost non- existent. It is totally my own fault by not giving myself the full attention and time as life just keeps on getting in the way....

But after receiving a bunch of products from Tropic Skincare I’ve promised myself that I’m gonna get back to my skincare routine back in action! So obviouslllly I gave them all a try and ohhhmygod  I am loving all their products. So the best way I get hyped about my new routine is by talking about the products I have been using and lovin' and my "first impressions".

~ The Lowdown ~

It may look and smell a little like cooking oil but works wonders on keeping my face hydrated and fresh looking. With uni deadlines and work, I fear I often look tired and worn down ~ BUT using a few drops of the oil every night before bed and when I wake up I feel totally refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead.

I would never have included my lips as part of my skincare routine but since the "beast from the East" hit the UK a few weeks ago I was having chapped lips... SO I’ve popped the Lip Love Balm into mine and it is perfect for smooth lips especially if you want to wear lipstick throughout the day!

I ~bloody love~ a good body wash, I mean who doesn’t? And finding the best one for your body can become very tiring but after using this a few times it instantly left me feeling SO refreshed & clean – it’s gentle, smells lush but most importantly does the job... plus it is perfect for sensitive skin too.

Before trying any of the Tropic products I hadn't really understood the whole purpose of a 'toner' but I LOVE IT! It makes me feel alll faaaannncy, it leaves me feeling all fresh and awaken on the mornings, I bloody love the stuff so it's definitely worth giving it a try. 

I do love a good moisturiser and Skin Revive is packed full of 20 different fruits, flower and seed extracts -- it certainly leaves me feeling hydrated with full healthy skin and in the past week or so I have seen a mahoosive change in my complexion as it is naturally more glow-ier.

I have never really spent much time trying different cleansers but now, after trying the Smoothing Cleanser I am OBSESSED!! Tropic certainly did the job well…. It almost feels alike to a moisturiser, is super soft and although I tend to use it for a second cleanse, it removes all makeup really well too!

If you are wanting to try a mixture of all these products and their bamboo face cloth then it is definitely worth giving the Travel Essential kit as it is all which I have talked about. ALSO-- if you are unsure on the products there may an ambassador for Tropic Skincare in your area so check for Facebook groups or become a hostess or ambassador yourself. 

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