Where Have I Been? Why I Stopped Writing...

HEY. Remember me? I used to write sassy related blog posts about whatever the hell I wanted to with a little bit of style inspo and lifestyle stuff thrown into the mix as well. Every year I set myself goals and new years resolutions to stick at blogging and to post at least once a week... well once again I absolutely failed, not because I wanted to I have just been in a totally weird mental space the past few months. Focusing on my degree – spending time with family and working on my radio career all taking priority over my blog.

To start, where have I been... (you probably don't care but I am still going to say). Since March it has been non stop with university final deadlines and essays which were due as well as working on my radio show "The Girl Power Hour". That was soon followed by Parklife, moving houses at uni, coming back home for summer to spend time with family and just working to make money for summer.... when you are endlessly busy, month after month you don't realise that you've neglected something. Sadly for me it was my blog, but it certainly doesn't mean I am not passionate anymore. If anything having a break keeps me motivated and fresh minded with new ideas to grow my blog even more.

This leads me on to why I stopped writing. From July on, I had time to blog but my head just wasn't in the right frame of mind. My neglect to my blog became like a niggling sensation of guilt. The longer I have stayed away, the harder is has been to get back in to it. Every day I kept thinking “oh I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I’ll pick it up again next week!” – that turned into “well, does anyone even care anyway?”. Any idea I did I have I felt it was “crap”which led me in to constant overthinking. I wanted everything I put out to be perfect. Perfectionism, too, is such a problem. It stops me from posting because I’m constantly worrying it’s just not good enough. But good enough is often much greater than I think it is.


Now that I am back... I am putting all of this aside and getting back to the root of why I started blogging in the first place - I LOVE writing and sharing my ideas, lifestyle hacks and photos of my life -- so here I am. I’m back (I hope).
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