We Got A Puppy | Meet Hugo

Our new puppy... 


We have recently expanded our little family.... I’m so excited to finally introduce you to our littlest and newest best friend, Hugo! We’ve only had him for a couple weeks now, and he’s such an adorable and fun-loving baby. I wanted to introduce him here and give you all the low down about our experiences so far and hopefully get some of your doggie advice from you guys too.
Hugo loves playing, his tummy being tickled and is obsessed with lots of cuddles and falling asleep on our lap,  I have even taught him to play fetch. He simply likes to follow us around all day whenever we are in the house, but absolutely LOATHES it at night. Lets just say he likes to cry a lot if we leave the room without him or at night time when we all go to bed....  It is heartbreaking hearing wimper and cry, many times I've been tempted to get up and cuddle him, but if I did all our hard work and training would be ruined. 

He is so sweet and adorable so it's extremely difficult to not fall in love when he gives you the biggest puppy dog eyes EVEERRRR!! As you can tell he already knows how to work the camera and certainly isn't shy at posing for it either! If you follow me on any social media you will have already seen his little face many times over but how can you not share him with the world!! 

All in all, it’s been amazing getting to know him and adjust to his early hour wake up call, but it has certainly been a very positive change as it’s fun taking care of a little life. He’s already brought me so much joy and makes us all laugh everyday. I really believe and have seen the therapeutic effects that a dog can have in your life, as they are just pure love. It is a lifestyle change and you have a friend for life. It is fair to say, I don't want to leave home and head back to uni next week, the thought of leaving my little buddy breaks my heart!

If anyone out there has a dachshund or another small dog, I’d love to hear your thoughts and advice!
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