Sunday, 26 February 2017

Here's to the Toast Post

Anyone who lives with me knows I am a BIG lover of toast, you can’t beat a slice of toast with a heaped pile of goodness on top. I wanted to share a few of my favourites with you, three lovely, yet beautifully simple ways to eat TOAST – and are perfect for any time of the day whether that be breakfast or for midnight snacking!

I would love to know what all your favourite toast combos are.

There is no better way than a few healthy(ier) toast ideas. So here goes...

Scrambled eggs
Starting off with the classic, scrambled eggs on toast! I mean I don't really need to say much more. It's the perfect breakfast especially as the ideal hangover cure. I always top mine with a little sprinkle of black pepper and serve it on a buttery slice of toast or with a side of bacon. I can't think of a more yummier breakfast to start your day!

Banana and honey
If you have a sweet tooth in the morning you’ll love this honey, peanut butter and banana toast. It’s seriously quick to make, requires barely any preparation and tastes amazing. I tend to melt honey over the warm toast, add peanut butter and put my chopped banana on top. Plus if I want it extra sweeter I drizzle over some extra honey.

Avocado chilli topped with tomatoes
Finally it has to be the avocado with chilli flakes and freshly chopped tomatoes to finish it off. This has to be the most stereotypical one but ohemgee does it taste just as delicious as it looks. If you are going fancy slice and neatly place your avocado along your toast. Or if you are like me, just mash it up and sprinkle some chilli flakes over, topping it with tomatoes and enjoy!


Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Necessary Nudey Nails

I never was one of those girls who liked painting her nails, however recently I've been loving it, I find it kinda therapeutic. Perfect nights in with pjs on watching Netflix, enjoying a bit of "me" time. Recently I’ve been going for the same varnishes week in, week out. I’m obsessed with these pink dusty tones. They go with EVERYTHING and I love going all naturrrallll even with a little bit of pink glitter to jazz things up.

What’s your favourite nail colour right now?

All four of these nail varnishes are from Academy of Colour and I got them as a gift for Christmas in a set with three other colours. Sadly, I can't find any links for these particular polishes but at the bottom, I'll leave links for similar colours. 

I am OBSESSED with nude everything and dusty pinks. I love how one of these has got a lush warm tone to it, so kinda rose in colour. ANDDD if like me, you’re into the whole nude pink lip at the moment, then these are the perfect shades for a lil match up. If you want to see my top nude lipsticks check out my post. 

The pink copper glitter varnish is perfect for coating on top of any of the other colours for sparkly nails that are just an ultimate go-to for nights out and boogieing on the dance floor whilst busting some moves. Also, the bottles for these are my all time fave as the copper tops are just adorable and match my room perfectly !!

Barry M // Essie // Barry M // Lottie


Saturday, 11 February 2017

Rose Gold Galore !!

I've finally started to wear a lot more jewellery. It's something that can help, whether it's what I wear daily or wear to dress up an outfit for a night out. It adds a special extra something and I've found that even just adding a simple bracelet can really help to pull an outfit together and make it become a statement. So today I've pulled together a few of my favourite pieces to share with you all, from earrings, bracelets and rings.

As you can tell I am rose gold mad!! I lurveeeee mixing and matching rose gold and silver jewellery together, the colours and styles are just beau-ti-full!! Starting off with my watch which is an Olivia Burton rose gold face and originally had a light grey strap. Since wearing it every day it's a little worn however I still love it for the shabby kinda look.

Next up is the Topshop mega pack rose gold stud earrings. If anyone knows me then you'll know I have quite a number of piercings in my ears and I am constantly changing which ones I wear. So the mega pack is perfect for me and it has the best size, colours, just everything is lush about them!!

I was bought the rose gold arrow bangle for Christmas and it is perfect adding the right amount of sparkle to any outfit. The Good Vibes Message Bangle is just gorgeous, and I love how the rose gold is paired with the mint green threat and the cute reminder to take it easy, have a little fun and ultimately let the good times roll.

Urban outfitters have the most beautiful rings eva!! I love wearing the Teeny Star Rings together as the silver and rose gold compliment each other perfectly and is so subtle. On the other hand, I wear my two Pandora rings, the diamond heart ring and the flower ring. I have had these for many years and feel so so lost and bare without them on, almost like I'm naked.

First of all, for me, the Topshop Rose Gold Sleeper Earrings are literally an essential. I love the smaller hoops as they are the perfect size for a daily basis, however, the others are great to partner up and accessorise an outfit for going out in.

The two silver beaded bracelets have been bought for me by my mum for various reason and each has their own uniqueness and meaning. The small silver disc is a Little Clarity and next to the rose gold heart is a Little Heart of Gold. I just love them as they're more than just a bracelet you buy from a high street store and have been gifted with love <3 

What are your favourite jewellery picks?


Sunday, 5 February 2017

Favourites // January

When it comes to monthly favourites, I tend to be pretty rubbish at it. However, I really wanna stick with it this year because I often have so much I wanna show you guys! This month's selection of “stuff” is super random, talking all things fashion, beauty and life…I gotcha covered!

The Elegant Lacoste perfume (£55):
I have had this for a little while now, however, I am totally obsessed with it this past month. It is my go-to perfume and I never leave the house without a little spritz of this gem. With its delicate hints of jasmine, vetiver and mimosa, it just has fresh yet sophisticating finishing touch to any style.
    Primark Room Infusers (£1-3):
    Whilst being at uni in the flats we aren't technically allowed candles, however, I have been absolute loving the room infusers from Primark. I have only opened the Sea Salt and Lavender infuser and can last up to four weeks. I also have the Madagascan Vanilla one, which I'll be trying out soon. But for the price of them, they are beyond perfect and smell absolute lush! What more could you ask for only £1.

    Zoella Stationery Book (£10):
    As you know I’ve been trying to get all organised recently and as making sure that I don't miss anything out that needs to be done. This lil stationary book is coming in all kinds of handy. There’s space for planning out each day, a section for 'things to do' and even sticky notes for those stupid memos that we get told but always forget. For me, I'm always feeling happier when organised and I know what I'm doing and when!

    This one is probably a like why would you need this. However, I never used to get hangovers that were until I started uni. For my friends and I, we say 'let's have one drink' but it always turns out to be a lot more. I find this the perfect cure, I don't know if it's just psychological but it is refreshing, natural and always comes to the rescue to revive me the morning after. It's the perfect pick me up when you need to soldier on but need a little boost. It's definitely the best gift if you know someone is a bit of a party animal and hates suffering the day after.

    Primark PS...Pro Oval Flat Brushes (£2.50-4):
    I was told to try these brushes out by my friend Ciara and oh my days I am in love!! I feel Primark have really upped their game in the beauty department. Especially with their new PS PRO range of oval shaped makeup brushes, which appear to be the perfect dupe for high-end oval brushes but at prices more subtle for us all - I just couldn't resist! I love how quick and flawless application is thanks to these brushes.

    Shell Pink Snakeskin Textured Chain Strap Bag (£17.99):Final favourite this month has gotta be the dusty pink cross body bag. Just everything about it I lurveee!! The pink bag, rose gold strap and the fact you can actually use it for any occasion and have the space to take everything I need. It fits perfectly with pretty much every outfit I wear and adds a splash of colour which gets me excited for the spring to come round. 

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