Here's to the Toast Post

Anyone who lives with me knows I am a BIG lover of toast, you can’t beat a slice of toast with a heaped pile of goodness on top. I wanted to share a few of my favourites with you, three lovely, yet beautifully simple ways to eat TOAST – and are perfect for any time of the day whether that be breakfast or for midnight snacking!

I would love to know what all your favourite toast combos are.

There is no better way than a few healthy(ier) toast ideas. So here goes...

Scrambled eggs
Starting off with the classic, scrambled eggs on toast! I mean I don't really need to say much more. It's the perfect breakfast especially as the ideal hangover cure. I always top mine with a little sprinkle of black pepper and serve it on a buttery slice of toast or with a side of bacon. I can't think of a more yummier breakfast to start your day!

Banana and honey
If you have a sweet tooth in the morning you’ll love this honey, peanut butter and banana toast. It’s seriously quick to make, requires barely any preparation and tastes amazing. I tend to melt honey over the warm toast, add peanut butter and put my chopped banana on top. Plus if I want it extra sweeter I drizzle over some extra honey.

Avocado chilli topped with tomatoes
Finally it has to be the avocado with chilli flakes and freshly chopped tomatoes to finish it off. This has to be the most stereotypical one but ohemgee does it taste just as delicious as it looks. If you are going fancy slice and neatly place your avocado along your toast. Or if you are like me, just mash it up and sprinkle some chilli flakes over, topping it with tomatoes and enjoy!

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