Finding The Badass Gal In You

A girl's guide to being totally badass

Confidence is essential.

It really does make all the difference. When you’re confident with who you are it shines through in every aspect, the way you walk, dress and the way you just absolute slay everyday life. PLUS when you are confident it can be V contagious for everyone else...  so why not sprinkle it everywhere you go, you know?

Honestly, there is nothing more I love than seeing a girl or guy thrive with confidence. However, I get it... it's 2017 AND social media can be a real confidence killer when seeing uber pretty girls with amazing bodies and flawless makeup. BUT instead of feeling down we just need to use it as a boost as we are all unique in our own way. You are you and there is only one of you so OWN IT girl!!

Before I continue to ramble on with my quick self-help tips, look in the mirror and ask yourself are you as confident as you want to be? If not, radon and get on with your badass self!


Not much to say here apart from being thankful for all the good in your life. You are in charge of creating your future. Design wisely.
So smile, laugh, be grateful.

What are you grateful for?

One thing I have to say is that gaining confidence is no a math equation. It is as simple as focusing on your own life and stop overthinking and focusing on a girl from your school whose social media following is bigger than yours…because her success isn’t taking away from yours.

Next time you find yourself fixating on other people’s shit or social media, acknowledge that you are just as good if not better & move on from it.

Everyone fails. Everyone gets back up. And if you don’t fail then have you ever lived?  Thrive off people telling you no. Even people who don't believe in you or don't take you seriously. Honestly, this is were stepping out of your comfort zone stems from.

Step out, stay out and NEVER go back & just love every second of getting uncomfortable to eventually be comfortable.Just by doing that, it will up your confidence levels. Trust meeeee.

Gotta admit I do love dressing up for myself and it is happening more & more lately. For anyone who knows I am all for comfort when it comes to clothes, all for those oversized jumpers the ones you can throw on. But sometimes I like to look nice… for myself. It makes me feel good to walk into a room dressed to impress. Not to impress anyone else though, just ME.

A power outfit and I’m ready to conquer the world.

Embrace who you are, flaws and all. And love them. Don’t cover up and hide behind something you're not.
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