Getting Close to Sarah Close

Moving from the Isle of Wight, she released her debut EP, Caught Up earlier this year and has just dropped a new single, Only You. She is now on her first UK tour and here's what went down when we managed to be fortunate enough to get an interview with her before she took to the stage in Manchester....

So, you obviously started on YouTube, how did you get into that?

I started when I was 14. I grew up on the Isle of Wight and I just wanted to be in the music industry, be a singer and I didn't know how else to do it as I lived in the IOW when everyone else is in London. So, I decided to start a YouTube channel and in hope, that my channel would grow enough for me so I can do what I can't by not do by being physically in a place.

Who was your inspiration to start your channel?

I was a big fan of Gabriella Aplin, Kate McGill and there was a couple of American singers I loved watching and I was like I can do that. Also, Charlie Is So Cool Like, I was watching him make videos and I wanted to be just like him. Although I can't-do the whole talking to the camera thing so I decided to sing instead.

You've mentioned uni, how did that help you at all?

Well, I wrote Caught Up at uni. So if I hadn't gone on the course, I wouldn't have written that song and uni helped me in a lot of ways, it was important because it gave me friends, a loan to go out in London and have fun. It really helped me find my style and what I wanted to do, as writing Caught Up was really the start of my songwriting identity. I have a lot to thank for that course.

You just finished filming the music video for only you, what is your favourite music video of all time?

Oh my god!! First, one that pops into my head is Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night, it is a banging song and her music videos are always great.

If you could put together your dream festival lineup, with you headlining, who would there be?

SZA, Rihanna, Katy Perry, The Killers, Wheatus, Weezer, Elton John, Post Malone, Alessia Cara, Halsey, Oh wonder and probably Kanye West. For all ages, all genres, open end festival.

What was the first ever gig you went to?

S CLUB 7!! Oh my gawddd, it was their last ever show as S Club 7 before they broke up and it was amazing. My parents bought me this light-up stick, I was stood on their chair waving it and it was such an amazing time.

Are you working on any new music at the current time?

You bet I am!! Yes, definitely, I keep sending notes to my producer saying can you change this, can you change that. SO it is all recorded, how does that sound huh? It was going to be released this year but with the response to Only you has been better than what we expected it to be soooo I think we may let that sit for a while and come out with something in the new year, but who knows.

Finally, what has been the best thing to happen to you this year?

Oh, God that is an unanswerable question... I have had so much happen to me this year. The best thing though probably has to be, I think actually putting out maybe Only You. That was the first song since my EP so there wasn't really much hype around it being my first thing out and it was my first thing out since signing to the label. So equally that was a different kind of release with now being with a label and having a team around me, that was different. It was a song I have written this year so it hasn't sat with me for a long time and has to be one of the most honest real songs that I have written and put out.  So probably putting out Only You!


Honestly, getting the interview with Sarah was crazy, never in a million years would I ever think that I would get such an amazing opportunity to interview one of my favourite singers. Please please please go give Sarah's EP Caught Up and her latest single Only You a listen as you will fall in love with her voice and music. Also.... if you want to find out more about Sarah Close make sure you listen to the full thing on my Mixcloud

Finally, a HUGGEEE thank you to Sarah and her team xx

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