New York Adventures

As many of you will already know because it's all I've talked about since I got back, but for those who don't last week I went to New York City for the week! How lucky am I!!

I fell in love this city the moment I stepped out of plane. Even driving from the airport gave me an excited feeling. I knew this holiday would be my favourite from the beginning. The first time I spotted the cityscape across the Hudson River, I couldn't help but smile. As cliche and cheesy as it sounds, I had Taylor Swift’s ‘Welcome to New York’ stuck in my head whilst driving through the streets of Manhattan to our hotel.

We stayed in the rather posh Roosevelt near the busy Times Square. Which meant our first night was spent strolling around Times Square, with lights that dazzled us and crowds so busy you could barely move.

Enough of me blabbing on about it all. Here is a selection of photos from our week away in New York.  I think I have more photos than days I was in the city to share with you, so I hope you’re as enthusiastic about The Big Apple as I am! But when you have views like those from the Empire State and Top of the Rock, blogger instinct takes over.

And so it begins...

Even more from New York coming soon!!
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