Life Update

Today was a big day for a lot of us in the UK since it was A-level results day. The day that we dread from the minute our exams are over. For many of us it is the day where many of our dreams are finally beginning to come true.

First up I just want to applaud you and give you a pat on the back for getting this far. Sixth form is hard and there is no denying it. We've all had are fair share of wobbles and lack of self-confidence. But look at how much you have done in the past few years, you did it!

If you know me, you'll know that there has been an immense amount of pressure. Since my AS results didn't go as well as I was hoping so I needed to turn it around this last year. I ended up having to resit History AS so I somehow had to do both years in one as well as resubmitting AS units for Art, which was stressful to say the least.  September last year when everyone is discussing which universities and courses they are wanting to apply to made me realise that I couldn't mess around and that I needed to work god damn hard if i wanted to get in to the university I wanted.

The hard work paid of and guess what!!


I will be moving down to Salford in three weeks time (it's so close OMG) and I'll be attending Salford University this September to do a TV and Radio Production course.

Thursday has been an absolute whirlwind of emotions, I think I just needed a moment to sit and write about the day. For those who are wondering I needed to get particular grades to get in to my firm university And I did it... I somehow managed to get a B in Art & Design and Media Studies and a D in History.

I am excited to start in September as its a new chapter and a new adventure ahead of me.

I hope everyone is as happy after results day as I am, but if not its not the end of the world, make a new plan and go and live it, no one is going to stop you. Congratulations to those who got their places and going off to the follow their dreams and I wish you all the best of luck.
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