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It may have felt like I have neglected my uni series these past weeks, however, I'm back! I am posting on a Wednesday (shock, I already can't stick to a routine) but I am ready to kick start this series right in time for anyone heading off to uni this year.

Moving to university can be a daunting thing and the last thing you need to be worrying about is what you need to take away with you to your new student pad. To save all that worry and stress I have put together my top essentials and must haves for your flat or house. 

With myself just moving in to my second-year house it can be a nightmare packing everything and then making sure you have all you need for your room, kitchen, bathroom blah blah.,. my aim last year and again this year was to make it as homely as possible. 

No doubt there will be hundreds of things you might very well want to take when you move to university, but remember, you ain't moving country or to the moon. Perks are they do have shops where you're going so make the most of buying most when you're down at uni and ordering online to save carrying heavy items from one place to another.

Loads of hangers, because you can’t exist on four for a year. A couple of sets of bedding, to limit the stress on washing day. A diffuser to make your room smell nice – candles won’t be allowed.

An alarm clock, or you won’t make lectures or when you take a nap before a night out (priorities, of course). An extension cable: halls never has enough plug sockets  Your laundry basket acts as both a transportation device on washing day and protects your floor from smelly socks.
Who knows who has slept in your bed before? Bring a mattress protector to allay your fears.

Finally, your bedroom for the next year will be a place for sleeping, essay writing and snuggling. Unless you prefer the hospital-room look for the inside of your accommodation, its time to decorate. Order lots of photographs for your wall, a cushion selection and fluffy blankets to snuggle in too. Also not forgetting the fairy lights for a cosy touch.

Obviously there are the obvious like cutlery, plates, pans, bowls, glasses, towels, all your toiletries but don't forget the basics like tupperware containers for the leftovers or when you cook too much. Or  essentials like a colander for cooking pasta and even a cheese grater. You may have everyone asking to borrow when they forget theres but at least you're the organised one.

Lets not forget your favourite mug to always remind you of home when all you want is a hot chocolate to cheer you up after a stressful day or when your PMS kicks in, as girls we have all been there.

If you're like me you will have all your stationary already but if not the basics are a diary, notebooks, lotsa sticky notes and coloured pens for bright easy to read notes. An external hard drive and plenty of USB sticks to be able to transfer and save your work without "losing" it is my biggest must!!

Last section is what you're gonna need for the social side of uni... it's all good and well being practical but you obviously wanna have a good time with your friends so, BEER PONG! It may be American but it is the one thing most people will no doubt wanna play at pre drinks. As well as playing cards, they are a necessity for any games night, and everyone forgets them.

Keep at least one fancy dress outfit ready. At some universities, participation is mandatory. As who knows a freshers event could be next week and you need that fancy dress outfit already. Last few things are always pack a bottle opener, its is never not helpful unless you've got a pro opening skills and a couple of shot glasses never go a miss.

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