A Guide to Surviving Freshers Week


Freshers week can come across like a scary time when you've got to make friends whilst learning to live on your own. But it is also essential to work out how many J├Ągerbombs you can buy on a shoestring budget, work out the best nightclubs to the challenge of learning how to book a taxi for a group of 10 without it cancelling on you, freshers' week is the start of a steep learning curve. I have come up with some tips to help you survive...

There’s a lot laid on for you during freshers and the weeks following, don’t waste it and enjoy the fresher's experience!

Be yourself:
Best way to break the ice with new friends is telling stories about your life, but try to stick to what's actually true (or this will come back to bite you). Plus, it's never a good idea to try to reinvent yourself at uni; people see straight through it and you'll feel much more comfortable if you aren't trying to be someone you're not. 

Students' Unions and events:
Your uni will offer SOOOo many different nights to suit everyone's tastes, you'll get info packs from your student union about freshers the week before you arrive or make sure you check out their website. For the most reliable ticket for events make sure you buy them early from the students' union to avoid the disappointment of it being a fake event. 

Have fun and don't worry:
It is evident everyone is going to be a little nervous about going out- it can be a scary time for any fresher in a new city but as long as you all stick together it's MUCH better to be in trust company than being on your own.

Stay responsible:
I don't want to sound like your mum but let's be real here, there’s a fair deal of ‘experimentation’ going on at university but make sure you know what you’re getting involved in? If in doubt, steer well clear.

Don't be that person:
Getting so drunk that you end up getting kicked out of the club from being sick all over yourself will haunt you, so just don't overdo it. And just give yourself a chance to get to know people first, before jumping ahead into any relationships that could ruin friendships by making it EXTREMELY awkward between you and them.
Finally, do remember that freshers' week isn't your average week at university – you are likely to feel a bit broken, poor and full of freshers flu afterwards, but you'll get back on track.... eventually!
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