Moving Away From Home


So last week some of you will have got your results back and found if you'd be heading off to uni next month. It is exciting and a whole new adventure ahead of you at first but as the weeks creep closer to moving away from home to your new place, the nerves will be kicking in and you will be asking yourself a million questions (I know I was) .... 

There are so many positives to moving away from the city you grew up in. As firstly it means your new place is for you. It's somewhere you can explore and when family and friends visit you can show them all your favourite spots for shopping, coffee and cocktails. You learn more about yourself than you ever have before,  it forces you into a new world that’s outside of your comfort zone and you will come more open-minded. It will bring you to face new people, new sights and new opinions, some you may not agree with but you learn to listen to others views and beliefs whilst holding your own opinions without shutting other people down.

With moving into shared accommodation or halls of residence, you are bound to face some difficulties and come across people you do not necessarily get along with. So being put into a flat with totally new people you will have never met before, it can be scary and daunting at first. However, the best thing to do is to make compromises and be respectful to your flat mates by working alongside them and putting differences and dislikes aside even if you don't exactly see eye to eye all the time.

Trust me when you go back home for the holidays or to spontaneously visit family as a surprise you become to miss the things you once hated. For myself, my sister and I get along so much better now that we aren't there to pester and annoy each other every day and it is the little jobs I don't mind doing to help my mum out around the house. And you feel like you grow closer to your hometown as anyone at uni who offends your hometown you will be there to back it up that it ain't all that bad.

Finally, there is the obvious mahoosive question of "WHAT IF I GET HOMESICK? WHAT DO I DO? WHAT IF I HATE IT?"

Take a moment, try breathe, and just look around at how far you've come! But there is obviously going to be nights when you get fed up of being on your own or just need a hug from your mum to make it all better. I'd suggest before your family leaves you make sure you make your room is as homely as it can be, filled with photos, cards, fairy lights and homely touches that make you smile :) And when it comes to it, facetime, skype and social media is a massive help to speak to family and reassure your nerves that you're doing just fine!!
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