Q+A Time?

I wanted to do something a little bit different for this post. I think sometimes when I am writing to you all I feel like everyone already knows things about me. You may feel like you do, but there’s never actually been a time when I have spoken about things such to what my favourite thing about blogging is or what camera I’m using. So, I thought it would be really nice to, well just speak about stuff and things.. things I am doing and that I love. This may be the most rambling post I've ever written but hey-ho here goes.

I never have been the best at answering questions BUT I hope these make some sense and that you enjoy the post. Let me know some of your answers to these same questions in the comments. I’d love to know more about you too!

What's your favourite thing about blogging?
Blogging is just something I love, I really don't think I could pinpoint one specific thing which is my favourite about it. I love how there are no rules, I can be as creative as I want. I can take photos and write about whatever I feel like, and I love it just to rewind, escape life and it's a perfect break from "reality" plus it's just fun!

What camera do you use?
Currently, I use the Canon EOS 700D with an 18-55mm lens. I am looking into investing in a new lens so if anyone has any recommendations for which lenses or where to look to get one then please comment below as I need all the help I can get.

Do you use lights to take your photos? If so, what do you use?
I don't use any lighting for my photos, most of the time I have to plan it around the time of day and weather! I rely on natural light which can be such a nightmare in winter when it's dark nights and dull days. Personally, sunlight is best for me.

How do I edit my pictures?
Currently, I have just been using PicMonkey as well as Snapseed and VSCO. I love pretty much all the filters on VSCO and particularly the filter A6! However, I really want to try out Lightroom, if anyone has used it let me know if it's worth the money and if it is easy to use etc.

What’s your go-to outfit?
Anyone who knows me it tends to be black and white stripes teamed with something dusty pink. All day everyday #soznotsoz.

If you could visit any one place, there would it be?
I think my absolute favourite place I’ve been has to have been New York City, I love everything about it there. The people, food, atmosphere and lifestyle.... it is just perfect. As for where I want to go, the list is pretty much endless.... Australia, LA, San Francisco. OHSOMANYPLACES!!!

What’s your favourite thing to take photos of?
This is such a hard one. I love trying to capture photos of people but I wouldn't say I was the most confident so I guess that is something I want to be able to improve and work on. But I think it's gotta be cute flat lays or city snaps. I love love love trying to capture what I see and share it with you guys.

Summer or Winter?
Definitely summer! I lurvee everything about it, from sitting in the park with friends, the sunshine, long warm nights, getting a tan, summer holidays, beaches, ice cream... okay, I'll shut up now you probably get the gist.

How do you get motivated? What if you just run out of ideas for photos?
When I get that mental block, I really try and just embrace it. I usually get my notebook out and have a few hours reading through blogs, brainstorming ideas and inspiration from magazines, not forgetting Pinterest too. Sometimes I just have to take a step back, look what is around me then I get inspired, only good things will come from it!

Did I ever want to stop blogging?
Yes! I have gotten so down on myself in the past but, I have never quit anything before in my life so I kept at it and I am so happy I did. I never imagined I would get to where I am today.
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