Detoxing Your Life

I am a big believer in fresh starts and getting rid of any negativity in your life! Often people do this at the start of a new year, beginning of each month. People feel 'detoxing' is healthy eating, drinking green boost smoothies, working out, blah blah blah... However myself, I feel it is something I do when I am feeling unmotivated, uninspired, or if I feel I am stuck in a rut of doing the same boring thing. Life is too short to be stuck doing the same thing each day with the same people and not being able to explore, have fun and live life a little on the wild side !!

To start with I would focus primarily on getting rid of any bad toxins, negativity & anything else that may be weighing me down. Then I can build upon it and feel refreshed and brand new! Think of it as a way to create a clean state where you will be happy, relaxed and content with most aspects (if not everything) of your life.

I thought there was no better than to put all my ways and means of detoxing your life into a list. So feel free to take ideas and try it on yourself.... it may work wonders.

1. Taking breaks from social media- it helps me just rewind, makes me feel new and motivated with brand new ideas and so much more energy.

2. Being outside- so many days I spend inside whether thats at home, in the library etc and it just becomes so monotanous stayng in the same place. I often love to get out, explore, go for walks, sit in parks, take my camera, go shopping and so much more.

3. Cut ties and communication- this can tend to be a difficult one, however, if people or social media are holding you back, only you can stop yourself from letting it have a negative impact. Deleting old messages, photos, unfollowing... all of those make you feel so much more relaxed and a feeling of relief, knowing there is no way they can bring negativity in to your life

4. Look after yourself- for me it is the MOST important thing.When I feel like everything is getting on top of me I turn to a “pamper” evening. My pamper evenings are usually pretty simple, its more just having a bath, putting a face mask on, listening to my favourite albums and reading a book. I try just totally have the time for me, away from my phone and everyone else so I feel totally relaxed.

5. Do what you love- focus on doing things that you enjoy, surround yourself with people whos company you love and make the most of all the things in life (whether that be little or big) as time is too short to miss out on anything.

Basically, do things and go places so you don't regret not doing it in the future and try not to dwell on the past. It can’t be changed, and that’s totally okay. Instead, plan what you are doing now, what’s your next step, and how you’re going to do this. Fill yourself with positivity and look forward not back. Always. Always. Always.

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