Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Go-To Messy Space Buns

Within my everyday fashion and style, I often love to mix it up a little and make each outfit a little different with something that stands out. I used to play it safe when it came to clothing, makeup and especially hair. However, recently I have learnt to experiment.

I have gone absolutely crazy for glitter over the past months and I can't help but turn my eyelids into mini disco balls and go OTT with the sliver and mermaid coloured glitter!! Plus, I think we all have our most treasured pair of shoes or clothing which is our go-to when wanting to add a little bit of pizzazz to any outfit. But when it comes to my hair I ALWAYS play it safe, up until recently as I am absolute lurvvvvin' messy full-head space buns!!

You may or may not have hopped on to the whole space bun trend last year? It wasn't a look a particular loved as I was never brave enough to try it out. However, I know already this is gonna be my go-to look for spring/summer/festival/date nights/brunch/you get the point. It wasn't difficult as once I began to experiment you realise how this look isn’t groundbreaking, plus it’s fast, playful, chic and it’s easy AF so let me show you how it’s done…

1 - Create two messy ponytails at the back of your head, and make sure they are lightly teased and I use sea salt spray to add texture to mine.

2- Wrap the pony tails around the base into buns and secure with a hair tie and use a couple of bobbypins to add extra security. I let mine come loose so some strands fall apart before setting them with hairspray.

To add to the messy look I tease some hair at the front to give it volume and texture.
Et voila, you have SPACE BUNS!


Friday, 19 May 2017

Mini Summer Essential Haul*

In the past couple of days I have picked up a few little things, and by a few, I mean five (oooops). Nevertheless I still wanted to write about what I bought recently, and these are gonna be some of my summer essentials, for some of the things I've already got planned so expect to see these feature a lot all over my Twitter and Instagram snaps.

Starting off with the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 32! It looks very coral pink however, it adds a splash of colour and once used with a neutral lipliner it is the perfect combo! Then I was bought the Eyelure Enchanted Lashes as a gift but I literally love wearing them I have bought them a couple of times now and they give the perfect natural lash look and the shape of them creates the perfect look whether you want to go casual or all out on your makeup. 

Moving on to the final three items, recently I have teamed up with Coconut Lane and they have some of the sassiest, cutest products ever! I am in love with their wide range of sunglasses that are perfect for any occasion this summer. I well set for my summer holidays and the festivals I've got booked with friends. 

I picked up the Marbs Sunglasses in 'Baby Pink' (£17) which I am madly in love with!! This year I am loving the pink colours and massive mirrored sunglasses, as I mean gotta block out those haters whilst looking styling! I can guarantee these sunnie-g's will be in all my summer photos and worn even when it is the slightest rays of sunshine. Since I've got two festivals to go to, I have already began looking at outfit inspo from Cochella and the sets of rings are the perfect accessory to finish off any festival look. I really struggle to find rings I love and fit yet, the Boho Opal Ring Set (£9) is a mix of rings and midi rings and I am in LOVE. Finally, I couldn't resist and by a new phone case that is just fitting to summer and all things holiday related, Coconut Lane have such a choice of pone cases I really struggled to chose one, but I went for the Palm Phone Case (£15).

Note: Keep on reading to the bottom get my 20% off code for Coconut Lane, so you can go treat yourself to something sassy, classy and little bit bad-assy this summer.

Fancy treating yourself over on Coconut Lane?
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