Thursday, 27 October 2016

Spook-tacular Halloween Looks

Again it's that time of year where everyone is getting prepared for Halloween and if you've not already planned what you're going to go as then you better get thinking. I was going to create a Halloween make up look with FX however I couldn't decide what to go for and I knew it would end up awful, with me looking more disastrous than ever and something that isn't even worthy for Halloween.

SoOoO... I took to Pinterest and saved all of my favourite Halloween looks that I am totally in love with and that I'm sure you'll love too. Don't worry if you're undecided on what to dress up as, I hope some of these can give you some last minute inspiration to make sure you're looking spook-tacualr for Halloween this year.

All images via Pinterest

Have a Happy Halloween!!

Lots of love,


Sunday, 23 October 2016

Top Films For Cosy Days In

Whether you like it not autumn is upon us and it's soon to be winter. It's nearly November and that can only mean that more days will be spent inside whilst it is raining outside. And since you can't really begin to get in the festive mood for christmas this early on, this next month is one of those down one where things are boring as everyone is saving and waiting for Christmas.

I love nothing more than staying home all day to watch movies, snuggled up in blankets and eating an  excessive amount of food (which I then regret as I lay there with no motivation to move). However I wanted to share my top five movies which are perfect for those lazy, cosy days in.

Lets go...

1. Bridget Jones' Diary
It is so cliche however just think can your life actually get as bad as Bridget's? Probably not. I feel this film is just an instant one to make you feel better no matter what mood your in. Even if you hate Renée Zellweger you'll love Bridget Jones, and if you already seen it then you'll know what I mean.

2. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Taking it back to 1986 back when Ferris Bueller skips out of school and his day becomes quite the adventure. With this film just being added to Netflix this month, it means you can now spend the your lazy Netflix-filled day off with Ferris Bueller.

3. Love, Rosie
This movie has to be one of my favourite 'rom-com' films by far. For a start it stars Sam Claflin so that is an instant watch, but secondly the story line is just one that you love yet hate at the same time. Without saying much more, all you want is the two main characters to be together...

4. Pitch Perfect
Warm up those vocals and prepare to join in with the acapella singing and beatboxing. I don't know why I love this film but I instantly feel the need to sing along to pretty much every song in the movie, which isn't what you want to hear whilst trying to watch it.

5. Back To The Future
Out of all the films from the 80's, Back To The Future has to be my favourite and of course it had to be on my list of movies to watch. So yeah go give the first a watch and then the second to see the reference to what they expected now to look like!!

What would your go-to movie be for a cosy day in?


Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Adore Me This Fall*

So for those of you who are reading this you're probably thinking not another Autumnal post, however, I love this season and there's just too much I have to share with you guys.  Even though it's getting colder weather and we dig out all our sweaters and woolly hats it's still no excuse to stop dressing like you can't still feel good underneath!

When Adore Me contacted me, they asked me to take part in their #flirtyfallflatlay project. Which is to create a flatlay featuring some of my favourite underwear and how I would style it for fall, I was so excited to get involved as this is my favourite time of year and recently I have fallen head over heels for buying cute lacy bralettes.

Lacy bralettes are taking the world by storm at the moment. Everyone seems to be wearing them, whether they've layered it with a shirt like myself or under a hoodie. They are just super comfy and look sooooo pretty! For myself, they really boost my self-confidence as you can style them so many ways and it just makes such an impact and gives me a huge step up in being able to conquer anything thrown my way.

That's all I have for today's post but I hope you liked this style of post! This is my first kind of proper underwear post you could say so I hope you enjoy it. Remember if you're looking for new underwear then head over to Adore Me and to their Pinterest for more inspiration on how to style for autumn too!

Lots of Love, 


Sunday, 16 October 2016

New In : Autumn Buys

When it comes to autumn, it has got to be my all time favourite time of the year to shop – meaning it's dangerous time for my purse! And with it being numerous student lock in nights at the two shopping centres in Manchester I couldn't resist not buying a few new clothes. Sooooo I thought I would show you some of my favourite purchases from the past few month. Obviously you can't go wrong with cosy jumpers to layer up underneath with the perfect denim jacket!

What have your favourite items been so far this autumn?

Primark Maxi Waterfall Coat £22: At first I was undecided, but then I was drawn to buying it. I honestly have no idea how I will style this but I suppose I'll figure it out and match it with something. These waterfall coats seem to whats in for this season, so why not?

Pull & Bear Jumper £19.99: I just can't say no to buying jumpers, especially this one as I lurveee the sporty varsity style with the stripes on the shoulders and upper arms! I feel with this jumper you could dress it any way, whether its casual with leggings or smarter with a skirt or layered on top of a dress.

Topshop Earrings £5: First of all, hooped earrings are literally an essentially, and second, they are rose gold coloured!! I love the smaller hoops as they are the perfect size for a daily basis however the others are great to partner up and accessorise an outfit for going out in.

Hollister Bralette £14: I may have an obsession with barlettes, and when I stumbled across this one in Hollister it was instantly taken to the checkout. It's one of those super soft, comfy bras that you can get away with wearing underneath a jumper and since it is halter neck it gives such amazing support.

Missguided Dress £15: Sometimes it becomes boring wearing jeans everyday which is why I bought a casual t-shirt dress. It'll be perfect for throwing on in a morning and wearing it with my Dr Marten boots and paired with a denim jacket too!

Pull & Bear Phone Case £7.99: Finding the right phone case can be a nightmare, however I was queuing to pay for the green jumper when I spotted a cooper coloured phone case and I couldn't resist buying it, oops!

Adidas Stan Smiths £44.99: I’d been swooning over these trainers for a little while and finally gave in a couple of weeks ago in Office at the Arndale Centre. I rarely ever buy trainers but these are just perfect. I love the simple yet classic style which is great for a casual day to day pair of trainers. However I only got them at this price because they are Juniors since I've only got a a size 4 foot so may as well make the most of it since it's cheaper and I just couldn’t say no!


Tuesday, 11 October 2016

A Glimpse Into My Life

This past month has been pretty hectic with settling in to uni, freshers week, meeting new friends and starting my uni course. I haven't really had the time to sit and write a long post so I want today’s post to have more of a relaxed feel to it.

The whole of September seems have gone by so fast. At times it's been tiring, and that’s not necessary a bad thing but it just ends up that way every so often. I’ve been enjoying my time and making the most of what was happening. However now I am back in to some sort of a routine, I have began to plan a few things for the next upcoming months, and even just the thought of it really excites me!! So basically I wanted to share a glimpse of whats been going on in my life with you and just, well, just catch up really.

Ps. If any of you are subscribed to my channel you'll also know that I've not posted a video in over a month. I feel bad for just abandoning it but sometimes something has just got to give. Maybe I'll get round to filming a video soon but I am just bit brain dead for ideas at the moment. Sorrryyy :(

Lots of love, 

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