Thursday, 29 October 2015

Trick or Treat

With Halloween in the next couple of days and if you haven't already thought of what to go as for Halloween then look no further. My aim is to show you two super easy yet terrifying Halloween makeup looks that will take your costume to the next level!

I love when I see people dressed up in scary costumes and do their makeup in equally scary ways for Halloween. It’s so fun! Achieving a creeptastic makeup look can seem daunting, but luckily we have the Internet, which offers tutorials that make things a little easier.
Look 1:
This look is more controlled and structured so if you're wanting something which looks sophisticated yet is still spooktacular then this is perfect....

 Dark smokey eyes with dark eyeliner and bold eyebrows with deep burgundy lips. Also to add some sparkle accessorize with cute cat ears!!

Look 2:
Advancing from the first look all you need to do is add a little fake blood, fangs and contour your cheekbones and make your eyes a lot darker with heavy black eyeshadow. Also remove the cat ears and totally back comb your hair so its wild and crazy. So why not go all out and create a haunting look for fright night.... 

There we go! I hope either this makeup idea helps someone to figure out a last minute Halloween look. I wanna see what you all go as for Halloween so tweet me photos of you so I can see what you've created!

ps. I apologise for awful photo quality.

Monday, 26 October 2015

On The Road Again Tour | One Direction

Last night I got to see One Direction live at Newcastle Metro Radio Arena, and I know I'm 17 and that One Direction is for like 12 year olds but me and my sister went to see Louis, Niall, Liam and not forgetting Harry absolutely smashing it on stage.

We were seated far away from the stage but it doesn't matter when you're in the same building as One Direction. I could literally talk about it forever as it was amazing and it still doesn't feel real that I've seen them live. 

Just like every other person I took as many photos as I could from where I was sat, and although they were them small stood on the stage all I can say is thank goodness for the large screens! Here is my top photos from last night...

There we go, so yeah just a photo based post and a little update on what I got up to last night!


Saturday, 24 October 2015

Sounds Good Feels Good | 5 Seconds of Summer

If you're anything like me then you'll be already obsessed and loving 5 Seconds Of Summer's second album, which was released yesterday worldwide.

Obviously the boys let us have She's Kinda Hot, Hey Everybody and a couple of other songs as a teaser which made us all extremely excited to hear more of their music from their album Sounds Good Feels Good.

After having the album on repeat, continuously listening to it over the past 24 hours, it's fair to say I've fallen in love with album. My favourite song so far has to be Invisible but no doubt this will change the more I listen to the album.

Obviously if you were lucky enough to see them on tour this summer you'll have heard Permanent Vacation live which was pretty amazing and the studio version sounds even better. This might just be me but everytime I listen to Broken Home I get all emotional and first time I heard it I have to admit I cried because of how beautifully written it is.

I don't want to talk to much about each song but yeah I'm totally in love with the album and I can't wait for Sounds Live Feels Live 2016 Tour now...  If you haven't already go buy the album:*/Sounds-Good-Feels-Good/Sounds-Good-Feels-Good-Limited-Edition-Deluxe-CD/4T1705ME000

Also check out the music video for She's Kinda Hot below!!

Ps. I got soundcheck tickets to see these four idiots next April in Newcastle *internally screams*!!!

Monday, 19 October 2015

My Daily Skin Care Routine

I don't really know where to begin when talking about skin care as I'm just learning about the whole "beauty thing" but these are a couple of products I've used for a long time now. I want to share them with you and my morning and night routine to cleansing your skin. Prepare yourselves!

Morning Routine:

Step 1- First of all I use Clinique anti-blemish solutions cleansing foam. I put about one or two pumps of it in the palm of hand and lather my face and take a warm, wet flannel/muslin and gently wipe off. This just gives you a fresh wake up and gets rid of an excess makeup from the night before.

Step 2-  After I use the Clinique mild clarifying lotion. I use a small drop on to cotton pads as I gently  wipe the pad around my face to smooth over my skin as it acts like a toner and gives your face the extra preparation for your skin. 

Step 3- Finally I take the Clinique anti-blemish solutions all over clearing treatment. I tend to use a small pea size blob, as a little goes a long way and I just take it and apply it to my face, moisturizing it and leaving my skin ready for the day ahead.

Night time Routine:

After a busy day of probably wearing makeup, that has either rubbed off or the mascara has ended up down your cheeks it's always the best feeling taking off your make up and giving your face a good cleanse as you get settled for the night.

Step 1- To take the bulk of my makeup off I use Simple Facial Wipes, which are amazing! I have very sensitive skin and these seem to be the only face wipes that don't cause my face aggravation. 

Step 2- I then use the same cleansing foam as I use in the morning just to get rid of any make up I still have left on as well as dirt and grime that gathers on my face during the day. I use the same process such as covering my face in the foam and washing it off with a hot, wet flannel. 

Step 3- And to end my routine if I have any spots / scarring. I use the good old trusty Sudocrem, which has always worked for myself as it helps heel the broken skin and blemishes on my face. 

That’s about it! I hope you didn’t find this too information overload, but I feel like sharing skin care tips and routine really helpful especially if you're looking for new products. If you haven't already got a skin care routine, it’s actually pretty simple, once you get into the routine.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Planning My Future

I apologise for not posting in over two weeks, but a lot has been happening. To start, I have had meetings with my teachers regarding resits, coursework and university. My deadlines for my A Level courses are looming close in Art and Media Studies. As well as settling down in to my new job which is going very well, I've also had the chance to begin looking round universities.

So, basically I've been looking round a couple of universities from Northumbria Uni to University of Salford. With me wanting to hopefully study Television and Radio Production, I have been looking around at all the facilities and opportunities they will offer to me. The time I've spent away looking at all the universities, it's got me all excited to move on in life and start something that will kick start my future.

Obviously there is probably loads of people who are considering what to do next year when they finish school / collage or sixth form. So I just want to tell you all, that the best way to predict your future is to create it now and that the best is still yet to come.

Make you sure you make the best choices you can make as the future depends on what you do today!

ps. I have a load of posts lined up for the next couple weeks and I'm excited to share it all with you :)

Friday, 2 October 2015

Autumn is in the air

It's finally October (this year is going too fast) and this can only mean one thing...

Everyone loves autumn, here are some things I love about Autumn that I’m really looking forward to:

Autumn leaves
Scarves, Hats and Boots
Candles, candles & more candles
Cosy Socks
Comfort foods
Oversized jumpers and sweaters
Getting the fire going
The feeling that Christmas is approaching
Rainy days watching films
Evenings get darker
Spending long nights in, in my pyjamas

What are you excited for around this time of the year?
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