Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Body Confidence

What do we see when we look in the mirror?
You. The true beauty you are. You may not think or feel you are special but trust me you're amazing the way you are. 

Body confidence: body image and self-esteem. This is a topic that has occurred in a few conversations I have had with various friends of mine. I don't claim to be perfect myself, as I have my insecurities like every other person, but over time many people will tell you that you're beautiful and you should give yourself more credit as you are an incredible human being.

We are all human, we all are equal and we all want to be happy and love ourselves.

I am writing this blog post to try encourage you to love yourself for who you are. Also I want this to be a place where we can discuss with each other body image, insecurities, self-esteem and everything else under the umbrella of self-hate and trying to find self-love. 

There is always going to be people out there that will judge you on what clothes you wear, how you style your hair or simply your body size and "flaws" but what we need to do is make sure we try block out any negative comments we receive by replacing them with words of love and happiness. 

Do not compare yourself to others.

If you are ever in doubt of your worth and natural beauty remember that you are AMAZING. If you ever feel embarrassed of your body just because you are different from others around; think to yourself, you have nothing to be ashamed of. You are perfect. Any scars, marks or lines are our imperfections but it's our imperfections and flaws that make us who we are.

Also if your someone you see is looking good, whether its their hair, clothing, smile or even just their presence. TELL THEM. Tell them that they look hot today or their t-shirt is cute. As for all you know that one compliment you give, could brighten up their day. Don't be afraid to speak out as you never know you may be that person one day who receives a sweet compliment.

Here are 5 things I want you to repeat to yourself when you look in the mirror: 
♡ Think positively, know that no matter what, I deserve happiness.
♡ If someone truly loves me, they will love me no matter how I look.
♡ Accept all of your imperfections as they make you unique and 
♡ I promise to stop denying I am beautiful, to start saying “Thank you. You are beautiful as well.”
♡ I have a beautiful soul, I AM a beautiful person.

If you ever need to talk don't feel scared to get in touch with me. Links to my social media are on the side panel and if you want to contact me personally, feel free to email me at 

Thank you

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Alton Towers

So beginning of this week was a very exciting for me as  I went to down to Alton Towers Resort with my family and a few family friends of ours. I hadn't been to Alton Towers in over two years so i was excited to get away. We decided it would be easier if we camped down near Alton meaning it was easy access with the car to get an early start in the theme park and as well not feel rushed to get home.

Monday morning came and we set off on our four hour car journey down to Alton, for most of the journey I sat and listened to music whilst re reading 'Billy and Me' by Giovanna Fletcher. Sadly we got stuck in traffic which delayed our journey by an hour which wasn't ideal but we had packed loads of snacks and drinks to keep us hydrated and living. Once we arrived we got the tent all pitched up and headed to the nearest super market to get food for tea.

We woke up at a reasonable time and got ourselves ready to head to Alton Towers (the theme park). I did basic makeup and wore a black vest top with my black and green harem trousers because they are super comfy. I really liked this outfit for the theme park as it's simple and comfortable. I saw people in skirts and dresses and thought to myself how difficult it must be going on the rides with them on. Also I took my camera, although it was a nuisance to carry around for most of the time, all of the attractions had shelves where you could store bags whilst you were on the ride.

Anyway, we got our tickets and headed toward Nemesis, which we went on numerous times in a row since there was barely any queue. We then went on to my favourite ride Air. It literally feels like you are a bird or superman flying through the sky as your are lying down on your front for most of the ride. Again the queues were very short so I made sure we made the most of it by going on every thrill ride at least twice. After we headed to Hex, which is an unusual simulator style ride, which messes with your mind and leaves you totally confused to what had happened on the ride. Obviously The Smiler was closed, so we went on the Oblivion more times than enough. 

On Wednesday we went to Splash Landings: Water Park. I was actually looking forward to going but once we got in to the water park I was disappointed as it was very childish with sprinklers and fountains for little kids to run around in. The only slides were fairly short and didn't have much speed. Also I think we spent more time queuing for the rubber rings than we spent on the slide itself. Other than that it was good but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone over the age of 12.

Amid all the fast roller coasters and queues, Alton Towers has its gardens which are hidden away deep in the the valley.We took a walk through to soak up the full experience and for my luck this was when the sun began to shine. Walking through the gardens felt like I was in a magic woods in a mysterious undiscovered place. As well as its beautiful views, plants and scenery, The Alton Towers are just as amazing, and some photographic opportunities I couldn't miss.


Besides spending the day at Alton Towers for this trip away my family and a few friends went camping for a couple of nights and it was just fun to get away and spend the time away from home and the same routine and be adventurous and not have everything planned out. My favourite part to camping has to be toasting marshmallows on the campfire and just being myself. Having a laugh with each other and sharing our thoughts together.


Thursday, 16 July 2015

Jurassic World | Review

Most of you will know that 'Jurassic World' came out in theatres back in June but I only got round to seeing it the other day with a bunch of friends. The cinema was half full / half empty, depending how you want to see it.

I don't want to tell anyone what happens but the basic storyline is that a new theme park has been built on the original site of Jurassic Park. Everything was going well until the park's newest attraction, a genetically modified giant killing machine, escapes containment and goes on a killing spree. It's fair to say some parts during the film were scarier than I was anticipating. I think if you are a squeamish and don't like any sort of death / blood then this film isn't for you.

If you get a chance within the next week, and are stuck on what to do in the first week of the summer holidays, then I definitely recommend going to see Jurassic World as it was better than I expected. And let's be honest it always helps if there is numerous good looking actors and this film had quite a few (which is always a bonus for any film).

Also I was fortunate enough this past week to take a second trip to the cinemas to see Minions with my sister and younger cousins. I am not gonna do a huge review on it but if you are wanting a light-hearted, animated comedy then its worth going to see as the entire audience was chuckling away in certain parts of the film.
Note: These images are not my own, they are the official posters for both films. 


Monday, 13 July 2015

Sister Bonding | Photography

Sometimes my sister and I don't see eye to eye, but I managed to convince her to come out for a walk with me one evening and I got to take some sneaky snaps of her on our adventure.

All I have to say is take the time out from social media and Netflix to spend quality time with family as the time you spend together is worth it and reconnects the relationship you had lost.

LIVE IN THE NOW! Don't worry about the past and what's happened and stop planning ahead for future days. Live for today, this minute, this hour and enjoy the time you have with the company you have right now.

I don't really know what else to write so I will let the photos say the rest...


Thursday, 9 July 2015

Strawberry Smoothie | Recipe

So summer is FINALLY here and the sun has began to shine. Last week when we had a 'heatwave' and everyone was complaining it was to hot, i thought there is nothing better than cooling down with a fresh homemade smoothie.

My favourite smoothie to make has to be strawberry and banana, however I do like making mango and banana smoothies. Both these are extremely simple and easy as it literally takes about 10 minutes max, which is perfect when you just want a quick healthy tasty beverage.

All you need is:
1 banana
150g strawberries (equivalent to a small tub)
A pot of low fat yogurt

It's that simple!
First cut up the strawberries and bananas in to small chunks so you can blend them. Once they are all cut up pop them into the blender with the yogurt and ice. You can swap the yogurt for fruit juice if you want your smoothie so it isn't as thick tasting.

After its blended smoothly it's time to pour into glasses. If it isn't cold, add some extra ice and for decoration and more flavour add a strawberry or other berries.

And that's is it. It tastes and smells AMAZING and is definitely going to be my summer drink. I hope enjoyed this and are tempted to make your own smoothies now.


Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Tumblr Notebook | DIY

Recently I have been discussing and planning ideas for days out, summer trips away and blog ideas too. I was finding it to difficult to remember everything so I thought it would be best to buy notebooks. I didn't just want a plain boring one so I took to Pinterest and some ideas I liked the look of.

What you'll need:
A plain covered notebook (any size you want).
Printed out photos of your choice.
Plus the basics, glue and scissors.

I bought my notebook from Wilkosons for £1.50 and I took my photos from Tumblr. 

Once you've cut up the photos, make sure they are the right size so you can fit them neatly on the front and back cover of the notebook. Carefully cover each side with glue and place the photos how you want them to be lay out.

After the glue has dried, that is you done. Your Tumblr DIY notebook is complete and ready to use for keeping ideas, thoughts, or a journal of your trips and holidays away.


Sunday, 5 July 2015


Its about time you got to know me a little better I think...

Anyways, I got tagged by the lovely Bethan Hannah Rowley to do the #AskTheFangirl tag. You can read her tag on blog at this link:

I tag Jess, Milly and Emily. 

1. First person I've ever fangirled over?
- I'm not entirely sure as when I was younger I pretty much loved anyone who was top of the charts or in all the girly magazines. But I guess I was obsessed with S Club 7 (I mean who wasn't, I even had their tour on video cassette).

2. Current obsession?
- You probably all know, it is The Vamps and Taylor Swift for music artists and Josh Hutcherson of course.

3. Favourite band?
- Obviously its The Vamps, hahahaa. But I cant chose my second favourite as 5SOS, McFly / Busted, Arctic Monkeys, The 1975. Oh, I can't forget One Direction *cringe*.

4. Favourite singer?
- It has to be Taylor Swift as she is killing it at the moment with her fifth album '1989' and her '1989 Tour' too, I just love her.

5. Favourite YouTuber?
- I am not a huge YouTube watcher but recently have been watching a few different YouTubers. Some of my favourite YouTubers are Ebony Day, Joe Sugg, Marcus Butler and Caspar Lee. They all have different content and qualities but I love them all and its what I do in my down time to rewind.

6. First concert?
- I think it was The Saturdays when they toured back in 2011, I went with my friend Alice and we somehow managed to get to the front by saying our parents were at the barrier.

7. Favourite movie?
- I'm not a huge movie watcher, but if I had to chose I'd say The Hunger Games Triology. I can't wait for Mocking Jay Part Two in November.

8. Favourite actor/ actress?
- Favourite actor has to be Josh Hutcherson, whether that's him in Bridge to Terrabithia or The Hunger Games. You've probably guessed who my favourite actress is already. Yeah, you got it. It's Jennifer Lawrence.
9. First celebrity crush?
- If I'm totally honest I don't know who was my first, all I can remember is I used to like Troy Bolton (Zac Efron) in High School Musical.

10. Ever got made fun of for something you like?
- Yeah, well I think so anyways. My friends make jokes and we have inside jokes about pretty much everything but I go along with it for a laugh.

11. Favourite book?
- I love Giovanna Fletchers books, especially 'Billy and I'. Hopefully I can buy 'Dream A Little Dream' shortly as I have heard it's an amazing read.

12. Favourite TV show?
- Now most people would say Pretty Little Liars or Orange Is The New Black, but I am not a big TV show watcher. I don't really have a favourite, as I'd rather watch films if I have the spare time.

13. Favourite fictional character?
- How can I chose... I am just gonna say Katniss Everdeen.

14. Something I love about the fandom I'm in?
- You could say I'm part of the vamps fandom which has numerous names, 'vamily' or 'vampette'. I guess I love everyone in this fandom, because I met some truly amazing girls from it and I like to call them my best internet friends. I've also been lucky enough to meet them all too.

15. Something I hate about being in the fandom I'm in?
- It has to be the arguing and comments between squads / different groups of people with in the fandom. Especially on Twitter or if one of my friends meet the boys, other "squads" get extremely jealous and start spreading rumours.

16. Would I ever take a bullet for the people I fangirl over?
- Well, I haven't needed to think about that... So I don't know....

17. Do I ever hide the fact I like someone out of fear of being teased?
- No, I'd rather be honest with friends as if anything they'll just make inside jokes and it's fine. You should never be afraid to admit to someone that you like them, over the fact you fear being teased.

18. Have I ever met any of my idols?
- NO! Next time The Vamps tour I will meet them. I will do whatever it takes to meet them.

19. Do I have any merch of the people I fangirl over?
- Obviously I do, I feel if you don't have at least one item of merch then you can't be a proper fangirl. Don't shoot me, this is my own opinion.

20. Favourite fangirl moment?
- I guess meeting The Tide and speaking to all four of them individually and sneaking back in to meet them for a second time when they supported The Vamps on their 2015 UK Arena Tour.

I know this isn't what I usually post and I apologise if this has changed your opinion on me but I guess this is me and if you don't like who I am, I ain't changing for you. But I hoped you enjoyed it. x

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

June 2015

Hey guys! Seeing as though we are already half way through the year and another month has passed by quickly. I just want to sit and have a chat with you all and reflect on what June as it was a busy month for me and my blog.

I understand I did a lot of posts from a while back such as McBusted and The Vamps, but I needed to tell you all my experiences. If you have already read my previous posts you'll already know this month I got to see 5 Seconds of Summer live on their first UK tour with my best friend Jess. Also I got to see the Queen herself, Taylor Swift in Glasgow last week on her 1989 tour with Alex. Obviously these two nights were the best but I also got up to a few other things as well.

I just want to highlight the fact that the sun has eventually came out this month which meant, getting out my sunglasses and trying to get a tan. I always feel though when the sun shines everyone is always a lot more happier and smiley and a lot more relaxed about life.

A lot of you will probably be thinking that I must of no time for spending time with friends as I'm always on social media but I feel this month I have become closer to many of my friends. Such as Jess, I got to spend pretty much the entire day with her at 5SOS and I finally got to meet the others such as Emily and Laura. But I think since exams have finished and that stress is now over for a short while, my friendship group have spent quality time together. Whether it was  going down the river or simply having a night in at someones house.

Sometimes you don't need a well organised night or day to have a laugh and enjoy the moment. I think I have realised from the words of Taylor Swift that a friend only has two requirements. One, is that you should like me (even if it is just a little) and secondly, you should want to spend time with me.

Saturday 20th June, was an emotional day. It was my last ever dance show with Razzamataz after 11 years of being part of their family and training with them. Razzamataz taught me many skills that I can transfer across in any situation. They've helped me with self-confidence, and finding who I am really am. As well as giving me leadership responsibilities and the experiences I would of never had such as performing down in Her Majesty's Theatre three times.

And finally as most of you already know it was my birthday so I won't go into any details but if you want to read my birthday blog post click the link.

Thank you guys for all your support with my blog, as I am glad I am back posting regularly (even though my posts are pretty boring). Comment below any posts you would like to see on my blog.

Hannah-Mae x

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