A little update from me & my university experience

OH HELLO... It's been a while since I took the time to write and chat on here! Time, why you passing so quickly?


To kick things off, here is a quick summary of my three years at university since I've now graduated - ahhhhh it still feels so unreal saying that aloud that I'm a BA Hons graudate in TV & Radio!!
Let's take it all the way back to Sept. 2016, when I first became a student at Salford Uni - when I was fresh out of Sixth Form and aged 18 moving to a different city... ohmyyygod it feels like ages ago now! Going to uni was one of the best things I've ever done, meeting new friends, making memories and getting a first-class degree in TV & Radio was a huge achievement.

I won't blab on about my first year at uni, however, if you are interested then read my post from my end of first year... Let's Talk About... University Year One! 

My course:

Obviously, it's important to choose a course you're going to love and enjoy, but when you're 18 it feels like an impossible decision when you don't know what you actually want to do as a career! My dream job was to become the next Stacey Dooely. However, throughout my three years at university, I had grown up, changed and by trying new things, making new friends I found a new love for producing content radio and audio!

Every University course is challenging, and it can be very difficult at times, but if are feeling stuck or stressed your tutors are there to help and answer questions in person or via email, don't be afraid to chat to them. At times it can feel like all there is to do is endless assignments with deadlines looming — take time out of your studies to enjoy yourself, have fun and work on projects that make you happy and keep your creativity flowing.

If you are reading this and considering uni, then the TV & Radio course at Salford Uni is amazing because there are a lot of opportunities over the 3 years, whether that be joining student radio, getting involved with working TV projects, collaborating with other students and getting loads of experience in different fields so when it comes to graduating you feel ready to get into your chosen industry full of ideas and ready to work! Trust me, put in the work and you’ll get loads out of it!

Joining societies & sports teams:

When I first went to university, I had no intention of getting involved with any extracurricular activities, societies or sports clubs - I was there for the parties and fun! 

That all changed as I moved into second-year, the realisation that I needed to do more if I wanted to be a success after uni. I had many friends who were part of Shock Radio, the student radio station at Salford Uni. I asked them all about it and made it my personal aim to get a show on their presenting. Sure, I set that goal and went for it - I pitched ideas to the station manager and soon got invovled  presenting, producing and offering my skills to create graphics & posters for their club night 'Reboot'.  

Ever since I joined Shock Radio in September 2017, it changed me! I found a new home where I could experiment and explore new ideas and find the career I want to pursue. I don't want to go on and on about my time at Shock, but by getting involved and stepping out of my comfort zone, I've made life long friends and found that my dream is become a social media manager / digital content producer for radio. 

If you are at university now, love radio and sharing new ideas then please get involved with your universities student station! Without student radio I wouldn't be where I am now... To find your uni station check out the Student Radio Association - the best place for everything student radio (I may be bias since I'm now an officer for them but the opportunites they can give you are life changing)!

Making friends and getting the most of uni life:

Finally, it's the one thing we all dread when we move out of home to university and away from old friends.... Will I find friends for life at uni? How do I get the most out of uni life? What if no one is going to like me? Yeah, we all go through these questions but do not fear! 

My only advice for when you go to university is, step out of your comfort zone, try new things that you wouldn't neccessarily have (within reason of course) and don't be afraid to let go of people who are negative and surround yourself with friends who bring out the very best of you! 

I was very blessed at university to find the most amazing bunch of girl - friends who are always there for me. From cheering me when I'm having a crappy day to sharing each others clothes when getting ready for a night out. Find your crowd that are supportive and are proud to be friends with you! 

To sum my university experience up in a few words I'd say: 


If you've made it this far then thank youuu. If you're just starting uni this year, good luck!x
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