Dating On A Student Budget

Being in a relationship whilst being a student certainly, has its benefits. For me, I lurvvvve growing and learning alongside my boyfriend as we navigate and motivate ourselves through university life together. However, it can be straining amongst deadlines, essays and late nights in the library to have the time together doing something we both enjoy with very little cost. 
It's common knowledge that us students have empty purses... SOooo, a few week back we decided to make a list of fun (but cheap) date ideas to suit our student budget.

♡ Picnic in local park
♡ A scavenger hunt
♡ At home spa day
♡ Sitting watching a sunrise/sunset
♡ Go to an amateur comedy club
♡ Pub quiz night
♡ Play tourist in our own city & explore
♡ Film marathon
♡ Play board games
♡ Wander round local book & vinyl stores
♡ Cook dinner at home as a date night
♡ Build a blanket fort
♡ Buy the biggest puzzle from the local charity shop
♡ Take a trip to a free museum

What would your perfect date night be?? Comment below so I can steal some of your ideas :)

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