Preparing our Pumpkins


With Halloween just around the corner, I love nothing more than getting into that spooky spirit by carving pumpkins, making themed trick or treats and of course sitting down watching scary (for me, not so scary) movies and television shows!!

I absolute LURVVEE anything to do with pumpkins. The tiny ones which are just so dayum cute and V aesthetically pleasing to finding the biggest pumpkin and carving it. Then there is taking cute photos, having competitions between friends as to whose is the best pumpkin. This year I really had no clue what or even how to design my pumpkin but I don't think I did that bad? (Mine is on the right by the way) the other is Alex's. 

Again, I always hit up Pinterest for ideas for Halloween and I couldn't resist looking at some of the tasty treats that are themed so this year I REALLY wanted to try something out, and there are Oreo eyeballs which are suppper tasty and very effective... MMmmmm! Alex and I tried to make them and well let's just say they didn't turn out the way we wanted too.

Finally, to wrap up my preparing for Halloween I have been extremely hyped for this... oh yes I am talking all about Stranger Things 2!! We have only just watched episode which I know is a bit pathetic but we have made a pact to not watch without each other which is good in theory but not when we are always busy busy busy doing different things at different times so we will get it finished eventually. 

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