Distressed Denim Done My Way

I am obsessed with jackets at the moment, especially denim ones as well as sparkles, sequins and lots of glitter and shimmer!! What a perfect combo for the summer, festivals and even nights out. I wore this out at my last festival last week and I am taking it to Creamfields this weekend and oh boy I feel damn special since I customised it myself (!!)

I mean, who doesn't love getting creative and want to brighten up their wardrobe with a little bit of sparkle! It’s SO much fun, means you have something that no-one else ever will, and it feels uber personal owning something that you’ve added an extra touch too!

Why spend a fortune on a pre-made denim jacket which you kinda like but won't in a few weeks, when you can hit up Primark, pick up a cheap jacket and go wild at home with distressing it and adding whatever the hell you want to make it feel like your own.

This jacket was only £12 so it is a bargain when you think about it! And as for the sequins, this was just an iron on transfer from eBay for £2.99!! I just took my scissors and tweezers to it and began to fray the edges, collar and create patches that look worn and distressed.

I LOVE the outcome, I chose a particular, simple sequin transfer but you can literally go crazy and bold and do whatever ya like. I now have a load of bizarre ideas, so keep your eyes peeled as I may end up customising more that I own with initials, badges and more...

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