Go-To Messy Space Buns

Within my everyday fashion and style, I often love to mix it up a little and make each outfit a little different with something that stands out. I used to play it safe when it came to clothing, makeup and especially hair. However, recently I have learnt to experiment.

I have gone absolutely crazy for glitter over the past months and I can't help but turn my eyelids into mini disco balls and go OTT with the sliver and mermaid coloured glitter!! Plus, I think we all have our most treasured pair of shoes or clothing which is our go-to when wanting to add a little bit of pizzazz to any outfit. But when it comes to my hair I ALWAYS play it safe, up until recently as I am absolute lurvvvvin' messy full-head space buns!!

You may or may not have hopped on to the whole space bun trend last year? It wasn't a look a particular loved as I was never brave enough to try it out. However, I know already this is gonna be my go-to look for spring/summer/festival/date nights/brunch/you get the point. It wasn't difficult as once I began to experiment you realise how this look isn’t groundbreaking, plus it’s fast, playful, chic and it’s easy AF so let me show you how it’s done…

1 - Create two messy ponytails at the back of your head, and make sure they are lightly teased and I use sea salt spray to add texture to mine.

2- Wrap the pony tails around the base into buns and secure with a hair tie and use a couple of bobbypins to add extra security. I let mine come loose so some strands fall apart before setting them with hairspray.

To add to the messy look I tease some hair at the front to give it volume and texture.
Et voila, you have SPACE BUNS!

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