Chocolate Salted Popcorn

There's nothing more I love than having nights in, especially the ones that involve films, food, sitting your pyjamas with no makeup on and even more food!! I absolute lurveeee a sweet treat and I'm not going to lie I do like a quick fix of chocolate now and then and POPCORN is the perfect tasty treat for those movie nights in.

Recently I have been venturing with trying new, different recipes and who'd have thought that dark chocolate and salty popcorn would be the perfect snack for these types of night. You bet, the sweet dark choc mixed with salty popcorn is just to die for mmmm!!


You will need:
- One large bar of dark chocolate chopped into tiny pieces.
- A few large pinches of salt
- Microwave popcorn kernels

Let's get making...

Step one: Put the microwave popcorn bag in the microwave and wait for them to pop!! But keep an eye on it otherwise if they over cook they burn and smell awful :( Give them a few minutes to pop away!

Step two: Take them out of the microwave and the bag, pour the popcorn into a bowl big enough for your sweet treat!

Step three: Pour your chocolate onto the popcorn when still warm, a bit at a time, mixing it thoroughly whilst doing so. Do the same with your salt, and keep on mixing so it spreads evenly!

And TA-DAH!! You've got the perfect combo for such a quick easy snack for those evenings in.

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