Necessary Nudey Nails

I never was one of those girls who liked painting her nails, however recently I've been loving it, I find it kinda therapeutic. Perfect nights in with pjs on watching Netflix, enjoying a bit of "me" time. Recently I’ve been going for the same varnishes week in, week out. I’m obsessed with these pink dusty tones. They go with EVERYTHING and I love going all naturrrallll even with a little bit of pink glitter to jazz things up.

What’s your favourite nail colour right now?

All four of these nail varnishes are from Academy of Colour and I got them as a gift for Christmas in a set with three other colours. Sadly, I can't find any links for these particular polishes but at the bottom, I'll leave links for similar colours. 

I am OBSESSED with nude everything and dusty pinks. I love how one of these has got a lush warm tone to it, so kinda rose in colour. ANDDD if like me, you’re into the whole nude pink lip at the moment, then these are the perfect shades for a lil match up. If you want to see my top nude lipsticks check out my post. 

The pink copper glitter varnish is perfect for coating on top of any of the other colours for sparkly nails that are just an ultimate go-to for nights out and boogieing on the dance floor whilst busting some moves. Also, the bottles for these are my all time fave as the copper tops are just adorable and match my room perfectly !!

Barry M // Essie // Barry M // Lottie

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