Favourites // January

When it comes to monthly favourites, I tend to be pretty rubbish at it. However, I really wanna stick with it this year because I often have so much I wanna show you guys! This month's selection of “stuff” is super random, talking all things fashion, beauty and life…I gotcha covered!

The Elegant Lacoste perfume (£55):
I have had this for a little while now, however, I am totally obsessed with it this past month. It is my go-to perfume and I never leave the house without a little spritz of this gem. With its delicate hints of jasmine, vetiver and mimosa, it just has fresh yet sophisticating finishing touch to any style.
    Primark Room Infusers (£1-3):
    Whilst being at uni in the flats we aren't technically allowed candles, however, I have been absolute loving the room infusers from Primark. I have only opened the Sea Salt and Lavender infuser and can last up to four weeks. I also have the Madagascan Vanilla one, which I'll be trying out soon. But for the price of them, they are beyond perfect and smell absolute lush! What more could you ask for only £1.

    Zoella Stationery Book (£10):
    As you know I’ve been trying to get all organised recently and as making sure that I don't miss anything out that needs to be done. This lil stationary book is coming in all kinds of handy. There’s space for planning out each day, a section for 'things to do' and even sticky notes for those stupid memos that we get told but always forget. For me, I'm always feeling happier when organised and I know what I'm doing and when!

    This one is probably a like why would you need this. However, I never used to get hangovers that were until I started uni. For my friends and I, we say 'let's have one drink' but it always turns out to be a lot more. I find this the perfect cure, I don't know if it's just psychological but it is refreshing, natural and always comes to the rescue to revive me the morning after. It's the perfect pick me up when you need to soldier on but need a little boost. It's definitely the best gift if you know someone is a bit of a party animal and hates suffering the day after.

    Primark PS...Pro Oval Flat Brushes (£2.50-4):
    I was told to try these brushes out by my friend Ciara and oh my days I am in love!! I feel Primark have really upped their game in the beauty department. Especially with their new PS PRO range of oval shaped makeup brushes, which appear to be the perfect dupe for high-end oval brushes but at prices more subtle for us all - I just couldn't resist! I love how quick and flawless application is thanks to these brushes.

    Shell Pink Snakeskin Textured Chain Strap Bag (£17.99):Final favourite this month has gotta be the dusty pink cross body bag. Just everything about it I lurveee!! The pink bag, rose gold strap and the fact you can actually use it for any occasion and have the space to take everything I need. It fits perfectly with pretty much every outfit I wear and adds a splash of colour which gets me excited for the spring to come round. 

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