Saying Goodbye To 2016

Just like each year, another year has flown by and I’m amazed at how quickly it’s gone! It honestly feels as though I’ve blinked and the whole thing has just whizzed by in front of me. 2016 has seen many highlights alongside a few challenges. I experienced things I never thought I would be lucky enough to experience.

I love doing these blog posts because it’s one of those I love going back to read as a nice reminder of how much can change and how much I have grown as a person. So expect a very lengthy post that may get emotional as I can already tell I'll end up welling up whilst typing away on the keyboard for the next couple of hours!

For me this last year for me has been a year full of changes. I've lived in three different houses, moved away to a different city, started university, lost people in my life and made many amazing friends along the way. It all sounds super exciting, and looking back it really has been. But during these changes there has been challenges and downs that I've had to deal with in many ways and I couldn't of done it without the support and help from my family and close friends.

I could talk for ages about each month, what happened, why and how it's made me stronger blah blah... Sooooo, instead of boring you all to death I'm just going to post a selection of my favourite photos from my year I'll leave a little caption summing it up.

(Cue a long list of photos and memories)

4th January was the day I was legally out on the roads eek!!
Being able to say I've been fortunate to meet my favourites is an absolute honour. Never did I think that standing outside their hotel in Glasgow would mean I'd get to meet and hug the boys.
p.s. cheers to Emily Wilkinson for being the finishing touch to my photo with James ;)
Celebrating my 18th with amazing friends and family xox
Formal with the girlies where we all got glammed up for one night only.
Being able to spend time with friends despite the distance. People who have internet friends or friends in different cities / countries know how fricking amazing it is when you get to spend time with them. Here's to 2017,  Emily xox
Three words: NEW YORK CITY!!!!!
Who would have thought dancing in a muddy field to Rihanna and David Guetta would so much fun! TB to V Fest with my faves :)
Finally, starting uni and making some of the best friends in the world!! People say the friends you make at uni are the ones who stick by you through the rest of your life. I bloody hope so as I love my Irish buddies!!
After what feels like a crazy year with many experiences and changes, I finally feel happy with myself and who I am. I'm doing a degree in something I love, spending time with friends and family who mean something very special to me. And as for this little space I like to call my blog, I’m loving every second of it, more than I ever thought I would.

I mean I wasn't really planning on such a long rambling post but after all, life is too short for anything less. This is a new year, and yes, I am one of those people who makes hundreds of resolutions for themselves, so I’ll also attempt to drink more water, do squats and remove my makeup every single night, but we all know that'll last about a week before I forget or order a takeaway.  I just want to thank you. Thank you for always reading, for commenting, and supporting me on this weird wonderful journey we call 'life'.

So here’s to another year of challenges, friends and happiness.

Love you, I really mean that xxx
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