Coming Home for Christmas

12 Days of Blogmas : Day 6


I am currently sat on my train home as I type this and it'll go live when I get in and have seen my family. As much as I have loved my first semester of first year, I'm beyond happy to get home for six weeks! 

There has been ups, downs and many laughs. If you've seen my previous posts you'll know that I get along sooooo well with flat mates as we had christmas dinner, went ice skating and thats all been in the space of the past week. 

*cue paragraph that's all emosh*

Moving away and starting uni was one of my biggest fears, the thought of not knowing anyone at the start, not having friends from home or family near by scared me a little. However, thinking back now it has been one of my best decisions. I have met some amazing people who I like to call friends and will hopefully be for life and as for my course, I'm really enjoying it which is the main thing (even though it may get stressful with deadlines but that's uni I suppose).

Now I am back I'll be spending time with family and friends as we've all got a lot to catch up on, all the stories and tales from my first semester and what they've been up to too. Plus sitting on this train the views are actually really nice so here is a few snaps of my journey and being reunited with my family!!

But for now, I hope you're all enjoyed my '12 Days of Blogmas' and I'll see you guys tomorrow. x

PS. Shoutout to my two favourite Irish buddies, Ciara and Josh, who are flying home today too!

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