A Glimpse Into My Life

This past month has been pretty hectic with settling in to uni, freshers week, meeting new friends and starting my uni course. I haven't really had the time to sit and write a long post so I want today’s post to have more of a relaxed feel to it.

The whole of September seems have gone by so fast. At times it's been tiring, and that’s not necessary a bad thing but it just ends up that way every so often. I’ve been enjoying my time and making the most of what was happening. However now I am back in to some sort of a routine, I have began to plan a few things for the next upcoming months, and even just the thought of it really excites me!! So basically I wanted to share a glimpse of whats been going on in my life with you and just, well, just catch up really.

Ps. If any of you are subscribed to my channel you'll also know that I've not posted a video in over a month. I feel bad for just abandoning it but sometimes something has just got to give. Maybe I'll get round to filming a video soon but I am just bit brain dead for ideas at the moment. Sorrryyy :(

Lots of love, 

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