Top Films For Cosy Days In

Whether you like it not autumn is upon us and it's soon to be winter. It's nearly November and that can only mean that more days will be spent inside whilst it is raining outside. And since you can't really begin to get in the festive mood for christmas this early on, this next month is one of those down one where things are boring as everyone is saving and waiting for Christmas.

I love nothing more than staying home all day to watch movies, snuggled up in blankets and eating an  excessive amount of food (which I then regret as I lay there with no motivation to move). However I wanted to share my top five movies which are perfect for those lazy, cosy days in.

Lets go...

1. Bridget Jones' Diary
It is so cliche however just think can your life actually get as bad as Bridget's? Probably not. I feel this film is just an instant one to make you feel better no matter what mood your in. Even if you hate Renée Zellweger you'll love Bridget Jones, and if you already seen it then you'll know what I mean.

2. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Taking it back to 1986 back when Ferris Bueller skips out of school and his day becomes quite the adventure. With this film just being added to Netflix this month, it means you can now spend the your lazy Netflix-filled day off with Ferris Bueller.

3. Love, Rosie
This movie has to be one of my favourite 'rom-com' films by far. For a start it stars Sam Claflin so that is an instant watch, but secondly the story line is just one that you love yet hate at the same time. Without saying much more, all you want is the two main characters to be together...

4. Pitch Perfect
Warm up those vocals and prepare to join in with the acapella singing and beatboxing. I don't know why I love this film but I instantly feel the need to sing along to pretty much every song in the movie, which isn't what you want to hear whilst trying to watch it.

5. Back To The Future
Out of all the films from the 80's, Back To The Future has to be my favourite and of course it had to be on my list of movies to watch. So yeah go give the first a watch and then the second to see the reference to what they expected now to look like!!

What would your go-to movie be for a cosy day in?

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