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I guess we've all been there. I'm pretty sure we've all fallen in love with Pinterest interiors. I have a pinboard with over 200 pins of interiors that all basically look the same. Plants. Copper. Art. Minimal but all with a cosy design. And you guys must be the same, or these pictures wouldn't exist on my feed haha.

Everyone wants to make their bedroom, office and home like all of those photos you see on Pinterest. Plus if you're anything like me and you'll always be wanting to make those interior goals a reality, so this is probably the right post for you. 

I thought today I would share something new. Since moving house and decorating my room I really wanted a 'Pinterest Goal' bedroom. I ended up seeing bedrooms with cute inspirational quotes on the walls, so I decided to do the same. Today is just a super quick interior DIY post with tips on how to reach these interior dreams without breaking the bank, because really it's so simple.

To start, I know there is a lot of shops online that sell typography prints and they are already framed but they can often reach ridiculous prices of £30+. I must admit I came across a store online called The Motivated Type which sells so many unique, beautiful prints. But who needs that when you can do it yourself. 

I first seen a framed quote in, believe it or not, Card Factory. It was stupidly cheap like £2 and I instantly fell in love as its got the copper writing and ah it was too cute not to buy.

Next I was then in Sainsbury's looking at all the cards and came across two small cards with quotes on in black and copper for only a £1 each. Instantly I was in awe and took them straight to the checkout. Soon as I got home I was back on Pinterest searching more quotes and found my final two which I saved, edited a little on Photoshop and printed them off at home. 

Obviously the cards and home prints didn't have frames so I headed to Wilko's and bought 4 standard size frames in both black and silver for only £1 each. 


Overall it was just under £10 to create your own motivational quote wall, which is a bargain for how fricking beautiful they look. So if you're wanting to make your room like all those Pinterest photos you see then this DIY hack is definitely an easy, quick and cheap option to achieving the perfect bedroom or office which ticks all the boxes for 'Pinterest goals'.


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