Dealing with Stress

It's getting closer to that time of year that everyone dreads... Exam season! As well as deadlines for coursework, applying for university, college or sixth form. It all becomes too much for us. I know the feeling all to well with stress and at times it's impossible what to know what to do next when you feel like giving up is the only option.

I want to share a few top tips on the ways I deal with stress. It won't stop you stressing as we sometimes need a little to keep us sane, it will just help you manage and cope hopefully. Lets say goodbye to stress spots, breakdowns and tears- as who needs that negativity in our lives anyways.

1. Stop and take a deep breath - slowly inhale and exhale.
2. Plenty of sleep means you recharge - when stressed it's best to sleep and rest up
3. Tidy learning space = tidy mind
4. Take time out for YOURSELF - You are the most important so spend time doing what you love.
5. Don't forget those around you as they want to help and love you - step back and spend some time with friends they need you too.
6. Count to 10 slowly - or even 20 if you need it.
7. Accept you can't control everything but stress you can - put everything it to perspective, is it really that bad?
8. Distract yourself - listen to your fave artist, watch your fave tv series or get lost in a book.
9. Maintain a positive attitude - replace negative thoughts with positive ones :)
10. Do your best - you can't be perfect at everything but succeed in it the best you can!

Even if you only do one of these and it helps then you're on the way to being a more happier, confident you. We all need a break from the constant revision which is why I go out with my camera and snap away at everything and anything or I pick up a pen a doodle.

*Don't forget to keep smiling :)
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