I feel we've not had a proper sit down chat in a while and I know that if you've read a few of my older posts you'll know a little bit about me but recently I took a huge leap and set up a YouTube channel. It took a lot as the nerves where high and the worry of being judged was looming, however the feedback and support I've received so far has been wonderful and for that I'm ever so grateful!

I get such an extraordinary feeling when I post on here to share my thoughts, journeys and experiences so my main priority will always be my blog, as my channel is just an added extra. So if you read Jess' blog or watch her video you'll see I was tagged to do the TMI tag video..... Therefore I moved from behind the camera to the front to film this short tag for you to get to know me better :)

It would mean a lot to me if you could continue your amazing support and head over to YouTube and subscribe to my channel.

Love, Hannah-Mae

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