DIY Photo Wall

I always want to hold on to memories. All these moments, all these wonderful people, I want to keep them forever. And not only in my heart: The camera is whipped out quickly and the photos that are taken are often not perfect or thought through. But that's what makes them special and even more real. I want to have as many of these pictures around as possible, everywhere in my room.

And this is what leads us to today's topic - photo walls, perhaps the best way to hang up your pictures. We all see images on social media of those bedrooms which are goals with hanging photos and fairy lights and candles, and think I should do  that to my place? Well this is a very easy one that you can nail without becoming it being a disaster and can make your bedroom feel more cosy!

Begin by picking an area in your room and work out how much space you have to put up photos. Then if you've not already order your photo prints online or from a photography store. I used Photobox as you can print any size photo from 16:9, 6:4 and even square which is perfect for Instagram photos.

Once I had my photos ready.I went to Paperchase and bought coloured string and mini wooden pegs. To start measure out the length of string you'll need and take those measurements to your wall and mark where the nails will go. Take a hammer and carefully put each nail in to the wall but not to far as you need a little to tie each end of the string on to.

After tying up the ends of the string on to the nails, now comes the more frustrating part especially if you're like me and are particular with layout, colours, people etc. It's time to peg up all your photos and wah-lah you have a photo wall to help your room feel a little more like home!

Too add those extremely homely touches add fairy lights and candles. My lights are from IKEA and the candle is the Salted Caramel Yankee Candle, I got as a Christmas gift from my friend (which smells delicious).

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