Mask of Magnaminty | Lush

When I heard that Lush had a sale on after a Christmas I headed straight in to the store and there was lot of bargains with 50% of most bath bombs and bath bars. I was in love. I wasn't particularly looking for bath bombs as I had heard really good reviews on the face masks and how they are amazing for a deep facial cleanse.

Over the past few months, with the winter and the cold, my face has become really dry and has many breakouts. I was struggling to find something that would help but I stumbled across the Mask Of Magnaminty face mask in Lush. I instantly fell in love it and as much as I want to use it everyday as it smells gorgeous, I don't as it would just tear my skin and destroy it. I tend to it use it once a fortnight just to deep clean and get rid of any excess dirt and return my skin to tip top condition.

This mask is peppermint so is quite strong but it does everything it can to right eruptions and outbreaks, and the great thing is its made from all natural ingredients.You only need to put a small amount on your face and it layers thickly. It tingles a bit at first, but to me that just feels refreshing. I love how well it exfoliates and gets rid of my dry patches leaving my skin visibly smoother and soft to touch every time. It's already made a difference to my skin. I would definitely buy this product again in a heart beat.

So don't mask those spots, Mask of Magnaminty them!

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