Goodbye 2015

WOW! What a year, it seems to have gone by sooo quickly. You know they say a lot happens in a year, well it certainly does. Things change, people change and so on. I just want to reflect on what's happened really.

For a start I'll have had my blog for a year tomorrow, which is an extra excuse to celebrate. It's crazy how this time last year I was worrying about posting my first post and here I am, posts later and planning some cool stuff for the year ahead of us. Whether you've been here since the start or only stumbled across me the other week I just want to say a huge thank you for supporting me with this journey. Without hearing feedback, seeing so many people read my posts as well as reading comments I'm not to sure if I'd still be here posting. Also can we just look at the difference (yikes)!!!!


Moving on... This year has brought me closed to many new friends that I never really knew and met until this year. I call these girls the 'Vamps Girls' as we  all became friends through The Vamps, it sounds cheesy af but it's cute and I love them to pieces. I'm looking forward to next year with them all as we've got plans already made for the boys' tour which I'm super duper hyped about as well as a few of us going to 5SOS for soundcheck and the concert together.

Squad Goals (inc. Jess, Laura & Amy too)
I can't forget a certain bunch of lovely people who I pretty much have to spend everyday with at school. I shouldn't complain as I'd probably be sat alone at lunch if it wasn't for these lot. They keep me smiling and I'm grateful to say I've got two groups of friends I can always rely on.

BRING ON 2016!!

They'll probably kill me for using this photo, ooops
Family can make such a difference and it's been tough for us all with various things but we've come out stronger as a team as we have stuck by each other and got through it all and now we've got the next year ahead to absolute smash it. Thank you :)

I'm not really sure what this post was whether it was a look back at the year or thank you's to my friends and family. But in the end I just want to say have an amazing new year and I hope 2016 is an even better year for you all.
Lots of Love
ps. it's crazy how close you can become to someone yet drift so far apart from someone else. I just want to share this short video of Emily and I when we met up after months of not seeing each other. We are friendship goals, just sayin'. It just shows that no matter what distance or how often you see each a friendship is a life and nothing can break that.
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