Dear Santa...

It's reaching Christmas and everyone is feeling rather festive. I've got the Christmas tree up, fairy lights are around my room, and everyone is feeling cheery singing along to their favourite Christmas songs. I've decided today to stick with 'Christmassy' posts I am going to share the things that I would LOVE to get for Christmas, some I have actually asked for and some are just a dream.

I have an obsession with shoes, boots and trainers and I am in love with the adidas Originals Superstar White & Black Trainers. If I had the choice I'd chose trainers and vans over heels anyday.

I mean who doesn't want a MacBook! But there is nooo way will I be getting one of these for Christmas. My aim is to work hard and save up so I can hopefully buy one before university. As come on they are pretty amazing and the new rose gold on just looks beautiful.
Again sticking with the rose gold, the Olivia Burton watches are jsut so simple yet look so elegant. So you know if anyone is stuck on what to get me the MIDI DIAL GREY AND ROSE GOLD is my favourite.

I understand these are pretty pricey items I'm loving so being more realistic on my list there is...

I do love sitting down with a good movie and this year these have just caught my eye. I haven't had the chance to see them yet and I really want to watch them. Amy (the documentary of Amy Winehouse), Gone Girl and Straight Outta Compton. I know they are very different but I can't stand watching stereotypical films that have a cliché ending.


As well as I'm wanting The Vamps new CD 'Wake Up'. So far I've just been streaming it on Spotify and you've gotta love having a physical copy of an album instead of a download. *insert promo* Go listen and buy the album as it's bloody good!

So that's all I am really loving and wanting at the moment. What's on your Christmas list?
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