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I was searching around for different tags and I came across this one, which I'm guessing is pretty popular as a lot of people have done it. I thought that I would do the 'this or that, beauty tag' so you can all get to know me better. I love doing tag posts and it looked incredibly fun to do!


Blush or bronzer- I tend to use bronzer more as it just gives you a warmer glow than blusher does.
Lip gloss or lipstick- Definitely lipstick. It's just more practical than lip gloss, especially when the wind blows your hair and it gets stuck to your lips and it's just a disaster.
Eye liner or mascara- Eyeliner any day because for me just sets me up for the day and they say never mess with a girl who wears winged eyeliner.
Foundation or concealer- I use a matte mousse instead if that classes?
Neutral or color eye shadow- Neutral, it's what I use on a day to day basis as I fear coloured eye shadows take me back to the younger me when I wore blue eyeshadow *cringe*
Pressed or loose eye shadows- Pressed as it's much more easier to control.
Brushes or sponges- Brushes, I've never tried sponges yet...

Long or short- Short nails, which aren't too short neither are they too long.
Acrylic or natural- Natural, I feel acrylics just ruin your nails.
Brights or darks- Dark or neutral colours, as they go with most outfits which means one less thing to worry about when going out.
Flower or no flower- No flower, just keep it simple.

Perfume or body spray- Perfume, although I do love the Hollister body sprays which smell like summer and the beachy.
Lotion or body butter- Body butter as it gives you softer skin.
Body wash or soap- Body wash (I don't have a reason why).
Lush or other bath company- Lush products smell and look amazing, so why not!

Jeans or sweat pants- Always black skinny jeans if I'm going out places but sweat pants are just easier and comfier at home.
Long sleeve of short- I prefer short sleeved tshirts.
Dresses or skirts- I like both, depends on what the day is, occasion and weather,
Stripes or plaid- Plaid, but I wear both.
Flip flops or sandals- Flips flops for ease but sandals definitely look nicer.
Scarves or hats- I used to hate hats but recently I like wearing hats more, so hats.
Studs or dangly earrings-If you've read one of my earlier posts you'll know I have a lot ear piercings and since that post I've had another 3 piercings (oops) so I'm gonna go studs as it's a lot easier to manage when you got loads of piercings.
Necklaces or bracelets- Can I say both?
Heels or flats- Flats, give me a pair of Vans anyday and I'll conquer the world.
Jacket or hoodie- Again for comfort hoodies but jackets like my denim or Harrington if I'm going out.
Forever 21 or New Look? Forever 21, is one of my favourite shops for reasonable priced clothes that are perfect for the time of year.
Abercombie or Hollister? Hollister (and that's not because of their bags, okay).

Curly or straight- I have natural 'wavy' hair but I always straighten it.
Bun or ponytail- I rarely tie my hair up but when I do it's a ponytail.
Hair spray or gel- hairspray (I mean who even uses hair gel)
Long or short- Since cutting my hair short I love it even more!
Light or dark- I'm dark brunette so dark
Side sweep or full fringe- Side fringe.
Up or down- Down unless it needs tied up.

Rain or shine- Shine, the sun instantly makes me smile.
Summer or winter- Summer, Summer, Summer!
Fall or spring- Y'all should know this, fall because who doesn't love getting out scarfs and boots to go walking through the autumn leaves.
Chocolate or vanilla- Vanilla.

If you managed to get to the end of this post then well done, I didn't realise it was sooo long. I tag anyone who wants  to do it! Thank you.
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