Reflective Monday

Since I set up my blog, I tend to plan my posts so they are sorta interesting and it’s not very often that I sit down, type and do a “spur of the moment” blog post but I recently I've been doing a lot of thing and in a reflective mood and started to think about how different things were for me this time last year. Obviously I like to share my thoughts and what has been happening on here or on any of my social media but there is a massive chunk that only my close friends and family know about. Shall we just say that this time last year, things we different and I was a very different person.

I’m not writing this blog post to tell you my story or to explain everything, but what I want to, is reassure any of you that may be going through a hard time, that things DO get better. It may not feel like it, but with a few little changes, they will.

Nobody leads the perfect life, and everyone makes mistakes. Often things that you aren’t prepared for may get thrown at you, and sometimes it’s really very hard to battle those problems and life situations. I just want you to know that you can do it. It might take days, weeks, months or years. Everything happens for a reason and everything we go through makes us who we are.
Shake It Off by Taylor Swift will always be one of those songs that will always bring a smile to my face and get me dancing around even when times are not looking birght. Do you ever just have one of those songs that you just love listening to over and over again and it would never become boring because it just makes you smile? I do and I felt like it really helped. Music makes everything better.

What’s your favourite song with meaning? good or bad?
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