It's that time of the year again...

It's now September which means one thing, back to school. Most of us will be back at school or college tomorrow, if you haven't already gone back, or some of us may be starting a new school. With everyone getting ready for the year ahead of us and catching up with friends that we haven't seen over summer.

Since I am going in to my last year of sixth form, yikes, I have had many years of 'going back to school' and I just want to share my top tips on how I managed and how you can survive your first day / week back.

So here is some advice from me to you.

♡ For anyone starting in a new school and you don’t know anyone, just be yourself! I know it sounds cheesy but by being you it’s the best thing. If you go in acting like someone else, you will never be truly happy. I know it’s hard as you want to fit in and look cool but trust me you’re already cool so just be yourself.

♡ If you’re starting sixth form or college try manage your time really well. It feels weird but if you make sure you get all your work done in free periods, you have nights after school and weekends to chill with friends or watch tele. For me last year I didn’t manage my time well like I’d often just sit and gossip with friends instead of working. So all I’m saying is do the work you need to do in free lessons and you’ll have free time.

♡ Try have fun. Like obviously work hard but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. We’re young and supposed to have a fun time. School is boring but have fun and enjoy your time with friends.

♡ We all like to have a laugh and joke around with our friends but try not to take too far in class time. I mean you’ve got to learn and no one really likes it when the same person is always being a distraction. You can be funny, make jokes but don’t take it too far as you don’t want to be seen as the annoying kid in the class.

♡ Make sure you turn up prepared. There is no point not taking as what’s the point in actually going with nothing. It’s like going to the cinema and not taking food, we all need it.

Obviously this year I am wanting to study hard so I do apologise in advance if my blog posts are not as often. But hopefully I can carry it on as I love writing on here, it's a place where I can truly express myself over anything and I feel I am able to talk and share stuff with you guys.
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