Internet Friends

'Are internet friends real friends?' 

It's a question I see getting asked a lot nowadays since there is so many social media platforms. In my eyes internet friends are the best type of friends any one could have. I have so many friends I've made through the internet and some I'd love to call my best friends.

Every time I go online to hang out with my awesome internet friends. So what if my friends are online? Here are my top reasons why online friends are just as good as the girls down the street.

♡ I can pick and choose the amazing people I want to keep in my life. They are super fun to talk to and it’s so fun talking about meeting every single one of them.

♡ I can talk to my friends ANYTIME I want. I really appreciate being able to send a little note whenever I think of something funny to say. I'm pretty sure my friends equally appreciate getting to hear the joke before I forget the punchline.

♡ If I need feedback on anything whether it’s an outfit, or what to say to someone or even to check with them that my Instagram post looks okay.

♡ I can tell them ANYTHING. It is incredibly freeing to be able to complain or confess or whine or whatever to a bunch of people who have never met my friends at school, I have my friends from different cities too talk to.

♡ It is a wide, wide world filled with wildly hilarious, deeply passionate and incredibly caring individuals. Thanks to social media and blogging, I get to interact with all of them.

I have been fortunate enough to meet a lot of my internet friends and the time I've spent with them has been the best. I met these amazing girls through music and bands which is pretty much all we talk about, 5SOS, The Vamps, The Tide, etc. Spending the time with those girls, is precious as time is short but we make the most of it filling it full of laughter, hugs, gossiping and photos. 

With internet friends it's the feeling of first seeing them and giving them the biggest hug ever that lasts for ages and you feel totally happy to finally be with them and when you see their smile you smile back even bigger. It's just when you have to say goodbye. The hugs are endless as you don't want to leave them. As either you or your friend boards the train/bus/departure lounge, you don't want to go, and you feel tears fill your eyes as you say your final goodbye. 

All I can say is thank goodness for group chats and other social media where we constantly talk to each other, share photos of our faves and plan when about we will next see each other.

Emily // Jess // Georgia
Squad on point
Internet people = Real people too.

If you have any stories of internet friendships, leave it in the comments. I would love read about them and I bet others do too!
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