Opening that dreaded envelope

It is fast approaching, everyone is anxious, the nerves are kicking in. Yes I am talking about Results day. It is lurking around the corner and we are all afraid of what those grades are going to be whether its for GCSE or A-Level.

For some people you might receive straight A’s, whereas others may not. Do not be disheartened. Whatever you get will be your best as I am sure you'll have worked to the best of your ability and that's all anyone could ask for. The only advice I have for everyone is try not to compare yourself to others when you read your grades and speak to friends. We all have different abilities, strengths and weakness, so do not compare.

My results day experience last year was good and after the stress of wanting to pass my GCSE's, which I did and I was happy about it. However, this year feels as A LOT different. A-Levels, they make it look easier as it's only four subjects but once you start its ten times worse. The stress, pressure and anxiety all just builds up.

Well I tried my best in my first year, I just have to wait for my results and work even harder in my last year to make sure I get where I want to be, whether that be university or something totally different. The future holds so much if we keep trying to open doors.

The key to success is MOTIVATION. It is something that you find within. It comes from anywhere and can be for anything. I know if I set my mind to something I really try my best to do it. Setting goals and making a plan helps.

If you want to do something, do it. The only person holding you back is yourself.

From the words of Toy Story,  'you just need to believe in yourself'  and then you can 'reach for the sky and further, 'to infinity and beyond'.

Good luck to everyone who is receiving their results in these next up coming weeks, I am sure you've done as well as you wanted
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