A couple of weeks back I was fortunate enough to go down to London for a couple of days with my mum and sister. It was a well earned city break away for us all and there was no better place I'd rather have gone.

(ps. I apologise now it's not much writing or detail, I just wanted to give a brief outline of my trip away and share my photos.)

After travelling down early on the train to London, the train got in to Euston Station. Our hotel was central to everything as it was just off Oxford Street, making Oxford Circus our nearest tube station. We dropped our bags off and headed out to the city. First up The Tower of London.

Inside the Tower of London, it was amazing to see go through the history of the towers and see what each tower was used for. Obviously we didn't just go to look around, we wanted to see the crown jewels so after a short queue we were inside as thousands of jewels were shining under the lights from the crowns and the sovereign's scepter with cross. I won't go in to much detail but yeah The Tower of London is an amazing place to visit and its views are spectacular as you look over the city and the river Thames with perfect view of Tower Bridge and The Shard.

Later on we headed back Covent Garden and wandered around, taking in all the nightlife, from street performers to live music. We had dinner at a place called 'Joe's Chicken' in Covent Garden and the food was delicious, I'd definitely recommend going to it if you want a casual meal out. 

Today was the day we became proper tourists...

After shopping on Oxford Street and Regent Street, we stumbled across a photographers gallery and I couldn't help myself but go in for a look around some of the photography work displays in the exhibitions. Next stop was the theatre. We had booked to go see War Horse, an adaptation of Michael Mopurgo's novel. At first I had forgotten the story but the National Theatre had done an amazing job as the horses were made from wire structures and were controlled by people on the inside of them. Again I don't want to ruin the play but it is worth going to see if you enjoy theatre productions.

After the theatre we did all those touristy things, like visiting Trafalgar Square, The National Portrait Museum, Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus etc.

Sadly we only had the morning and we still hadn't been to one of my favourite places. Camden Town.  I literally love it for its uniqueness and different styles, from vintage, goth, hipster and many more which I can't even begin to name.  market as we browsed through the market stalls all selling unique gifts.

Heading straight the locks where the market stalls are full of different things. Whether you want clothing, jewelry, food, music, and more. It's all there. One of the many beauties of the market is you can literally look around all day and get lost in a maze of unique market and food stalls.

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