Tumblr Notebook | DIY

Recently I have been discussing and planning ideas for days out, summer trips away and blog ideas too. I was finding it to difficult to remember everything so I thought it would be best to buy notebooks. I didn't just want a plain boring one so I took to Pinterest and some ideas I liked the look of.

What you'll need:
A plain covered notebook (any size you want).
Printed out photos of your choice.
Plus the basics, glue and scissors.

I bought my notebook from Wilkosons for £1.50 and I took my photos from Tumblr. 

Once you've cut up the photos, make sure they are the right size so you can fit them neatly on the front and back cover of the notebook. Carefully cover each side with glue and place the photos how you want them to be lay out.

After the glue has dried, that is you done. Your Tumblr DIY notebook is complete and ready to use for keeping ideas, thoughts, or a journal of your trips and holidays away.

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