Strawberry Smoothie | Recipe

So summer is FINALLY here and the sun has began to shine. Last week when we had a 'heatwave' and everyone was complaining it was to hot, i thought there is nothing better than cooling down with a fresh homemade smoothie.

My favourite smoothie to make has to be strawberry and banana, however I do like making mango and banana smoothies. Both these are extremely simple and easy as it literally takes about 10 minutes max, which is perfect when you just want a quick healthy tasty beverage.

All you need is:
1 banana
150g strawberries (equivalent to a small tub)
A pot of low fat yogurt

It's that simple!
First cut up the strawberries and bananas in to small chunks so you can blend them. Once they are all cut up pop them into the blender with the yogurt and ice. You can swap the yogurt for fruit juice if you want your smoothie so it isn't as thick tasting.

After its blended smoothly it's time to pour into glasses. If it isn't cold, add some extra ice and for decoration and more flavour add a strawberry or other berries.

And that's is it. It tastes and smells AMAZING and is definitely going to be my summer drink. I hope enjoyed this and are tempted to make your own smoothies now.

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